Webteam Delta

The Delta Force is an active group of developers and programmers who are responsible for the maintenance of the institute website and the development, administration and updation of most of the content on the institute intranet. Being a part of the Web Team is a steep learning experience as it throws up new challenges everyday and there is always another project around the corner for anyone with the drive and knowledge to try it out.

Several members of the Web Team also involve themselves with the Computer Support Groups of Pragyan, the International Techno-Management Festival, Festember, the Inter-college Cultural Fest, and Nittfest, the Inter Department Cultural Fest of NIT Trichy, gathering a great amount of hands-on experience in the process.

The developers work on packages such as Photoshop, GIMP, Flash, Fireworks and Inkscape; as well as design and develop highly interactive web applications using a combination of (X)HTML, Javascript, CSS and Ajax, in collaboration with programmers.

The programmers specialize in various aspects of application development, including application design, algorithms and data structures, and database management, and work with a variety of languages and technologies including PHP, Python, MySQL, Apache, C, C++, C# and Java, and are proficient with a number of development tools such as Visual Studio, Eclipse and Emacs.

Delta as a team takes pride in following industry-standard practices, and adopting the latest technologies for server management, code versioning and project management, and bug tracking.

Being a close-knit group of computing enthusiasts, Delta has always strived to put its computing resources to the best possible uses, and excel in terms of knowledge and productivity.

Delta has been winners of several Coding Contests in the country like Facebook hackathon (1st Place), Microsoft hack on(2nd place), Paypal Hackathon(1st place) Inctf(1st place) and many other contests.

For more information, visit: https://delta.nitt.edu