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“The best-sophisticated instruments analysis I have ever found in my PhD work. Have to say best one. Polite staff, understanding behaviour on telephonic discussion, even tough the language barrier was there for the communication (local language Tamil) still I got my analysis done in an excellent form. Thank you SIF. It will support me in so many ways that the explanation in word is not enough.”



“Results are getting very fastly. The response from staff is good.”

-VUPPULA SANTHOSH REDDY, Mechanical Engineering, NITT


“By using this facility, gives additional information &support to my theoretical and experimental work. Thanks a lot to get additional information about my research work through the instruments I have used there.”

-Mrs.S.Meens, Jayaraj Annapackiam College for Women, (Autonomous)


“This really supported my final year project. Many of us aren't aware of the location of SIF which is located inside STIC. I searched the center for a longer duration during my first visit”

-Saravana Kumar S, NIT Trichy


"Very fast response”                                                                                                                                     

-Indirani, Assistant Professor, SRM Institute of Technology, Chennai


“It’s a very good facility in NIT Trichy.”

-Sumit Kumar, Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Thanjavur


"Very helpful to get timely results. The staff at SIF are very friendly and approachable”

-BINY R WISTON, Dept. of Physics, NITT


“This facility has provided a very important parameter to be reported from my study and the results obtained were so convincing and informative.”

-R. Dakshayani, National Institute of Food Technology and Management, Thanjavur


“Good Support”

-Cijo Mathew, NIT Trichy

“I am in the finishing stages of my Ph.D. Now, this facility will give a more important novelty and finding in my study”.

-Raja Velusamy, Anna University, Chennai