Facility / Lab / Infrastructure


The Talent to access the development of technology ventures is in the person who recognizes an opportunity to utilize the available resources and facilities at CEDI and who is willing to take necessary social, psychological, and financial risks to develop this opportunity into a business.

Certain essential facilities, which are created in CEDI, are also provided. They are:

  • Modern work space
  • Communication facilities
  • Computing facilities
  • Equipment labs
  • Library & information Centre
  • Training and conference facilities

Well connected Centres of Excellence

  • Space Technology Incubation Centre (S-TIC) for southern region by ISRO
  • Siemens Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing
  • Centre of excellence in Transportation Engineering
  • Centre of Excellence in Corrosion and Surface Engineering
  • Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Centre of Excellence in Energy Harvesting
  • Centre for Energy and Environmental Science and Technology