Student Project 2003

Optimization of operating parameters for EDM process based on the Taguchi method

Optimization of multi-pass turning operation using ANN&GA2003
finite element mopdeling and control of piezoelectric integrated plate structure2003
Machine layout optimization using non conventional optimization technique2003
Optimization of drilling operation using GA2003
Machine grouping by using Ants colony approach towards agile manufacturing2003
Fixture design using combined GA and FEA approach2003
To optimize the cost and lead time of solar cooker manufacturing on large scale2003
Managing product development using design structure matrix and a heuristic2003
Multi objective task scheduling of AGV using GA2003
Design optimization using FEA and function replacing hybrids2003
A heuristic for multi project scheduling2003
Computer aided maintenance planning system2003
Supply chain planning using MS-Excel2003

Wrinkling analysis of prestrained and lubricated interstitial free mild steel


Study of wrinkling behaviour of interstitial free mild steel draw through tractrix die


Study of wrinkling behaviour of mild steel (Interstitial free) drawn through conical die 

Forming limit analysis of high strength low alloying steel2003
Forming limit analysis of extra deep drawing qualitysheet metal2003
Benchmarking:a key to survival in competitive cement manufacturing scenario2003
Weldability studies on martensitic Stainless steel2003
Design tolerance optimization using particle swarm optimization2003
Optimization of casting process parameters by using Taguchi method2003
Material requirement planning using software2003
Hybrid approach for multi objective scheduling of FMS2003
A multi objective adaptive GA for scheduling FMS2003
Modeling and simulation of SCORBOT using ROBOCELL2003
Flow shop scheduling with limited buffer space2003
Supply chain optimization2003
Hybrid approach for mixed model assembly line balancing2003
Developing an algorithm to improve the effectiveness of supply chain2003
Implimentation of grasp in flow shop scheduling2003

Implementation of particle swarm optimization technique to machine-grouping for CMS

Maintenance management information system2003
Design improvement through tolerance analysis using particle swarm optimization2003
CNC milling part program generation  with optimum number of passes using GA2003