(Use of approved design data book is permitted in the examination)

Limits, fits and tolerance - hole basis and shaft basis system, quality engineering based product development process.

Interpretation, inspection and application of form tolerances - datum system and targets – tolerance of position.

Fundamentals of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics - use of distributions - Taguchi approach - tolerance analysis.

Tolerance stack analysis and allocation - linear and non-linear stack analysis - worst case tolerance analysis - computer aided tolerance technique – cost based optimal tolerance analysis - tolerance allocation methods.


Tolerance charting - blue print dimensions - machining allowances - datum features - functional and manufacturing datum - exercises.


1) ASME “study manual on tolerance stacks ”, Vol I, Second edition 1994.

2) ASME self study workbook on GD & T second edition 1994.

3) Spotts,, “Dimensioning and tolerancing of mass production”, Prentice Hall, 1983