The industrial scenario today is poised for modernization and growth in manufacturing. Given the paucity of manufacturing professionals, the course attempts to mould the students to cater to the needs of the industry .
The course is spread over 24 months with the first two semesters, each consisting of six theory papers and the last two semesters fully dedicated to an industry sponsored project .
The students get hands-on experience in dealing with actual problems in industries and service organizations through their project work which are carried out, exclusively, in Business and Industrial organizations .

Manufacturing Technology (Credit System)

This course intends to shape the students in tune with advanced methods of manufacturing technology by imparting essential inputs on practical and theoretical exposures vogue in present day industries with proper assistance of computer during 2 years tenure of the study, by imparting inputs by way of revising conventional topics of manufacture like CAD/CAM/CIM and FMS, inputs in allied topics like Management, Maintenance, TQM & TPM, communication.

Industrial Engineering and Management (Credit System)

This course intends to shape the students in tune with the advanced Industrial Engineering tools by imparting essential imports both on theoretical and practical exposures during the 2 years tenure of the study by the inputs in advanced topics like TQM, Computer simulation, Modeling and analysis of Modern Manufacturing Systems and Planning and Control of Manufacturing Systems.