PRE-REQUISITE : Elementary statistics - mean & standard deviation - matrix algebra.

Faculty : Dr. R. Ponalagusamy

OBJECTIVE: To apply the statistical methods to analyse data, to study the difference between the samples and to use the time series analysis and index numbers in business and economic research.

1. Random variable :
two dimensional random variables – standard probability distributions – Binomial Poisson and normal distributions - moment generating function

2. Sampling distributions :
confidence interval estimation of population parameters – testing of hypotheses – Large sample tests for mean and proportion – t-test, F-test and Chi-square test – curve fitting-method of least squares

3.Regression and correlation :
rank correlation – multiple and partial correlation – analysis of variance-one way and two way classifications – experimental design – Latin square design – Time series analysis.

4. Chebyshev’s Inequality : (8)
Law of Large Numbers – Central Limit theorem – Random process – Markov Dependence, Markov Chains, definition, examples - ergodicity.

5. Finite Markov Chain:(8)
Various States – Limiting Probability - Introduction to Markov Process - M/M/1 Queues with finite and infinite waiting space.

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