PRE-REQUISITE: Knowledge of Engineering mechanics.

Faculty: Dr. P.A.Krishnan

OBJECTIVE: To provide the same basic methodology to deformable bodies under the action of Forces and Torques.

1. Introduction-Units and Dimensions - Fluid properties. Fluid static�s : Pressure in a fluid - force on submerged planes - buoyancy - equilibrium of floating bodies

2. Types Of Flow And Measurement-Types of flow - one dimensional continuity, momentum, and Energy equations-Flow measurement - orificemeter - venturimeter, Pitot tube, orifices, mouthpieces, notches and weirs

3. Boundary Layer Theory-Ideal and real fluid flow - boundary layer concepts- flow through pipes - friction factor - flow losses in pipeline

4. Pump-Centrifugal pump - types - specific speed - Equations for energy transfer - efficiencies. Reciprocating pump - vane pump - gear pump � screw pump

5. Turbines-Hydraulic turbines - types - specific speed - pelton - Francis and Kaplan turbines - Calculation of power output efficiencies


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