PRE-REQUISITE: Basics of electric circuits, semiconductors, diodes, transistors and FETs and basic of digital logic gates.


OBJECTIVE : This is an introductory course on Analog and digital electronic circuits. The students will exposed to semiconductor devices & its applications, operational amplifiers, digital circuits & itsapplications and power electronic circuits.

1. Theorems and Linear Electronic Circuits - Thevenin and Norton theorems, Review of junction diodes, zener diodes, (BJT) and (FET) � applications.

2. Operational Amplifiers - Characteristics - applications as comparators, inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier. Adder, subtractor, differentiator, integrator, rectifiers, sample and hold circuit, Schmitt trigger.

3. Review of binary arithmetic ( signed and unsigned), seven segment display .Boolean Algebra simplification of algebraic expression , Basic logic gates. Combinational Logic.

4. D/A and A/D Converters � Principles and various Techniques.

5. MEMORIES - Functions & types of memories - Read Only Memory (ROM) - Erasable Programmable RON (EPROM)- Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM (EEPROM) - Random Access Memo (RAM) - a typical RAM static and dynamic RAM.


1. Millman and C.Halkias: " Integrated Electronics ", TMH

2. Ranmkant A Gayakwad, "OP-amps and linear integrated circuit technology"

3. Morris Mano, � Digital Design� PH Stoeker, W.I and Stoeker P.A , �Microcompuetr control of thermal and mechanical systems�.