Moulding sands - Types and Properties, patterns - types of patterns, selection of patterns - pattern allowances - Classifications of castings - according to mould materials, and moulding methods, special casting techniques - Fettling and finishing of castings - defects in castings.

Classification of welding process: Principle of Gas welding, Arc welding, resistance welding, Solid State Welding, Thermochemical welding and radiant energy welding - Brazing and soldering - thermal cutting of metal/alloys.

Forging: Classification of forging processes - forging processes - forging defects and inspection. Rolling: Classification of rolling processes - rolling mill - rolling of bars and shapes. Extrusion: Classification of extrusion processes - extrusion equipments - examples.

Drawing: Drawing of rods, wires and tubes. Sheet metal forming methods: Shearing, Blanking , Bending , Stretch Forming , deep forming. Spinning: Spinning processes.

High Velocity Forming : Explosive forming , Electro hydraulic forming - magnetic pulse forming - pneumatic - mechanical high velocity forming. Plastics Working: Types of plastics - plastic moulding processes.


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