Professional Training



Prabodh Training from Department of Official Lanuage  Ministry of Home Affairs July  2016 to November 2016
Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP) at Banaras Hindu University Varnasi 12 th March 2020  to  23rd March 2020

International  Conference on Materials, Industrial, And Manufacturing Engineering Conference (MIMEC 2017)

6-7 December 2017

Presented Paper in International conference on Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Singapore  (Adjudged as best oral presentation )

 20-24 August 2017
Pragya Training from Department of Official Lanuage  Ministry of Home Affairs July  2017 to November 2017
Praveen Training from Department of Official Lanuage  Ministry of Home Affairs Jan  2017 to May 2017
Prabodh Training from Department of Official Lanuage  Ministry of Home Affairs July  2016 to November 2016
  University of Washington USA for Research on Engg Education


       University of Tennesse USA for Research on Information Engg

 18-07-2010 to 19-07-2010

       University of Toledo Ohio USA for MOU followup

       15-07-2010 to 17-07-2010

 Chaired Technical Sessions and presented papers in International conference on FAIM  East Bay California USA

       12-07-2010 to 14-07-2010

        Training at AIT Bangkok, Thailand on System Management and Capaciity Improvement of Technical Education

       23-11-2008 to 30-11-2008

        Management Training "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People"  at Munnar , India

       30-09-2008 to 04-10-2008

     TEQIP Training in Industrial and Information Engineering at College of Engineering, University of Tennesse USA

      01-11-2006 to 30-11-2006

      Winter School on Soft Computing tools, Simulation and Applications

      10-01-2006 to 14-01-2006

    Staff Development Programme " Preparing for Challenges ahead" by Administrative Staff College of India

 05-01-2006 to 07-01-2006

      STTP Programme on Emerging trends in CAD/CAM Theory and Practice

20-12-2004 to 31-12-2004

      Indentification of training needs for staff and faculty

       21-07-2004 to 24-07-2004

       Assessors Workshop of NBA -AICTE @ NIT Surathkal

       08-05-2004 to 09-05-2004

       Presented Papers in National conference on Modeling and Analysis of Production systems

        22-01-2004 to 23-01-2004

       Training on CAD/CAM using Pro E Wild fire

        04-12-2003 to 08-12-2003

       ISTE AICTE Short Term course on Safety and Environment Management Emerging Trends

       09-06-2003 to 20-06-2003

       Presented paper National conference on Modelling and Simulation (MOSIM)

      15-03-2003 to 16-03-2003

       Presented paper in International conference on Operations Research and Development

        28-12-2002 to 30-12-2002

       ISTE AICTE Short Term Training programme on Modelling and Simulation

        16-12-2002 to 27-12-2002

       Customer Training VMAP packages, EDS Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore.

   21-01-2002 to 23-01- 2002

        Presented paper in National Symposium on Manufacturing Excellence, IIT Madras

        07-01-2002 to 08-01-2002

        Continuing Education Programme- Ph. D programme under QIP at IIT Madras Ph.D Completed

        01-07-1998 to 31-08-2001

        Presented paper International Conference of logistics and Supply chain management, Coimbatore, India.

06-08-2001 to 08-08-2001



        Presented paper in 19 th All India Manufacturing Technology Design and Research Conference

        14-12-2000 to 16-12-2000

    Presented paper14 th International Conference on CAR&FOF'98, Coimbatore, India and Presented a paper.

       30-11-2000 to 03-12-2000

       QIP Training Programme at IIT Madra

        15-04-1998 to 11-05-1998

       Intelligent Manufacturing System a Technology Watch

       06-02-1998 to 07-02-1998

        Customer Training Computer Aided Factory Information Systems Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

    13-01-1998 to 15-01-1998

        QIP Training Programme at IIT Madras

       28-11-1997 to 16-12-1997

        All India seminar on Information Technology for 21st Century, IE India Tiruchirappalli

        21-11-1997 to 22-11-1997

       QIP Training Programme at IIT Madras

        11-06-1997 to 27-06-1997

      Presented Paper on National Seminar on Mechatronics- Anna University Madras

     28-03-1997 to 29-03-1997

       AICTE-ISTE Seminar Industry Institute Partnership

       10-03-1997 to 15-03-1997

       National Conference-QUEST 95 DRDL India

        27-10-1995 to 28-10-1995

       Integrated manufacturing a ninth national convention of Production Engineers,IE India, BHEL iruchirappalli

  21-10-1994 to 22-10-1994

      ISTE course on Maintenance Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore

       01-07-1992 to 14-07-1992

    ISTE  course on CNC Machines, Systems and Maintenance, Madras Institute of Technology Madras

        31-05-1992 to 13-06-1992

       ISTE  course on Advances in Maintenance Management Government Engineering College Thrissu

        04-05-1992 to 16-05-1992

        Short Term Course on Industrial Electronics IIPE and Mookambigai college of Engineering Keeranur

       18-12-1991 to 22-12-1991

      ISTE course on AI-Languages: Lisp and Prolog, Government College of Technology Coimbator

       02-12-1991 to 15-12-1991

       ISTE Short term course on Robots in Manufacturing IIT Madras

       20-05-1991 to 01-06-1991

       ISTE course on Recent Developments in Factory Automation Technology -PSG  Tech Coimbatore

      03-06-1990 to 16-06-199

       ISTE  course on Nondestructive Testing of Materials -Regional Engineering College Tiruchirappalli

     05-06-1989 to 17-06-1989

  Industrial Training at BHEL Tiruchirappalli

 23-05-88 to 23-08-1988