Sponsored Research Projects

Sponsored Research Projects of Dr Kumanan Somasundaram                                  

1. Hybrid Decision Making Tool for Intelligent Manufacturing:

Knowledge based systems or expert systems are essential decision-making tools in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS). The indispensable features of IMS like learning, adapting under uncertainty or fuzzy situations becomes a complex task. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) as a main Machine learning technique has been used but has black box type nature, which limits its application in industry. This research project proposes an integration of neural and fuzzy techniques augmented with Genetic Algorithms to bring effective and efficient hybrid decision-making tool for Intelligent Manufacturing System.

Justification, importance of project: Project     proposes     the    development     of    Hybrid decision-making   tool    for    Intelligent Manufacturing System. This tool can be used both as statistical and knowledge engineering tools. Real data and fuzzy data can be used with the same tool. Could be a genetic and realistic decision making tool to use in Intelligent Manufacturing System.

 Amount: Rs 5 Lakhs                                      Sponsoring Agency: MHRD Govt. of India                                   Status: Completed

2. Industrial Energy Management using Neural Networks and fuzzy logic:

Energy management includes several activities- all of them aim at energy conservation. Activities require huge knowledge base and varieties of resources to perform. Many of the parameters are uncertain due to many factors involved in energy losses. Neural networks have been in use for generalization and recognition of relationships between parameters and then to predict the outcome. Fuzzy logic is now used in conjunction with neural networks to process ambiguous data. This research project proposes the use of neural networks and fuzzy logic for energy management functions like energy planning, energy control and energy conservation in Indian industries

Justification/Importance of project: Energy management is essential for Indian industries as there is serious crunch of resources. Creating energy policies, laying out energy goals for energy savings, to carry out energy specific energy project, to make energy saving purchases are complex decision making needs a support of energy experts. Energy consultants or energy experts are scarce to find and even if found are costly to hire. The task of energy prediction, planning and auditing is huge to do manually. Indian industries face this difficulty of energy consultation conservation when it desires them the most. In this context, application of intelligent energy management systems will be faster, cost effective and efficient.

Amount: Rs 4 Lakhs                         Sponsoring Agency: MHRD Govt. of India                Status:Completed