Operations Mangement

Operations Management Software are interactive, user-friendly and are widely used as operations   management models or tools. The following models are built and practiced in the OM laboratory


Facility Layout:   Relative Allocation    Line Balancing


Forecasting:    Moving Average    Weighted Moving Average    

                         Exponential Smoothing    Exponential Smoothing With Linear Trend               Linear Regression Analysis


 Inventory Control:    Economic Order Quantity             

                                    Economic Lot Size             

                                    EOQ with Service Level             

                                    Fixed Time Period with Usage             

                                    EOQ with Discount


Job Shop Scheduling:     One Machine Scheduling   Two Machine Scheduling    Multiple Machine Scheduling


Linear Programming 


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)


Production Planning:        Linear Decision Rule           

                                          Chase Strategy Method       

                                          Level Strategy Method


Project Management:    PERT & CPM


Quality Control:

            Acceptance Sampling

            Process Control by P-Chart

            Process Control By X-R Chart


Queuing Model:

            Single Layout, Infinite Population with:

            Exponential Service, Unlimited Queue Length

            Constant Service, Unlimited Queue Length

            Exponential Service, Limited Queue Length

            Discrete Service, Unlimited Length

            Erlang Service, Unlimited Length

            Single Layout, Finite Population with:

                     Exponential Service, Unlimited Queue Length

            Multi Layout, Infinite Population with:

                     Exponential Service, Unlimited Queue Length


Queuing Simulation:

            With 1 Line-N Servers

            With N Lines-N Servers


Transportation Model