Archi Department
Archi Department


●      Participation certificates will be given to all the participants.

●      Both UG & PG are allowed to participate.

●      A student can participate in only one event.

●      All students must register online.

●      Spot registration is applicable only for nearby colleges.

●      Participants of group events should register separately.

●      Students must bring their original college ID Card.

●      All the students attending the program should pay the registration fee.

●      Registration fee can be paid on the day of the event.

●      All the participants are requested to report to the registration desk at the venue by 8.30 a.m.

●      Last date for registration : 20th February 2017

●      Registration Fee: 150₹ per head (without accommodation)

                                  :  250₹ per head (with accommodation)

                                      LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED

    Event coordinator’s decision is final in all events.

For Online registration click on the link given below :


Contact details:

Ph: +919788861789, +918884807751




A golden opportunity for Physics lovers to, explore the Physicist in them. A four level competition at the end of which emerges the ultimate champion

1.      Individual program

2.      Task will be given to bring out the physicist in you


A quiz competition where the students are given an opportunity to prove their mettle in the battle of knowledge

1.       Two members per team

2.       Two teams can participate from a college



Face painting competition. Express your ideas on the face of your partner based on the theme provided.

1.       Two per team

2.        Theme : General Physics

3.        Painting articles will not be provide



Individual program

6+2 minutes; 6 for presentation and 2 for interaction

Applicants for this event must choose one topic from the given and send a brief abstract (max-100-150 words) about the same to on or before 20th February. Participation for this event will be based on this abstract


      The topics for Paper Presentation are given below...                             

1.     Was there something before nothing? (How everything began)

2.     Quantum Physics and consciousness

3.     Truth is stranger than fiction :Far reaching feats of Theoretical Physics

4.     Nano medicines : Tiny but mighty

5.     Holes in space time

6.     Space time crystal- A new kind of matter

7.     High temperature superconductivity

8.     Are we alone? (Advances of Radio astronomy and the search for extraterrestrial life

9.     Principles and Techniques of digital holographic microscopy

10.    Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

11.    Standard model-The ugliest theory ever made