Research Interest

Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Lab (OMDL):



The research team at OMDL under the leadership of Dr. M.C. Santhosh Kumar has more than sixteen years of experience in the field of thin film deposition, characterization and device fabrication. The team focuses on various physical and chemical deposition techniques for fabricating novel thin film based optoelectronic devices. Deposition technique includes RF Magnetron Sputtering, Thermal Evaporation, Vacuum Spray Pyrolysis, SILAR, Spin Coating and Chemical Bath Deposition. The lab is equipped with optical and electrical characterization facilities such as Uv-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer, Spectroflourometer, Hall Effect Measurement system and Source Measure Unit. The group also interested in non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of materials. The focus is on the emerging filed like neutron radiography and terahertz NDT.


Thin Film Photovoltaics                                                      

Main focus is to develop low cost and eco-friendly compounds for future energy applications. This includes deposition of various metal-sulfide thin films, characterization and fabrication. The current research work involves the fabrication of Cd free solar cells based on ternary materials like CuZnS, CuSnS, CuSbS and quarternary material like CuZnSnS.


Cu-Zn-S thin films as an effective hole transport layer in organic solar cells with PCE of 1.87%


ITO/AZO/i-ZnO/CZS/Al is fabricated with p-CZS as the absorber layer and n-AZO as the window layer and PCE is 1.6%.



Optoelectronic Devices

Metal oxide thin films are deposited for applications in sensors, photodetectors, LEDs etc. Metal oxide like ZnO has been investigated for various applications.

Research Group