Dr. B. Karthikeyan


Received  Ph.D degree from Pondicherry University and pursued postdoctoral fellowship in Raman Research Institute, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My research interest is to study the Optical (steady state and Ultrafast) and Nonlinear Optical properties of materials like Glasss, polymers & Nanomaterials,  (Metallic clusters, semiconductors, carbon nanostructures). 

We also do corrosion and corrosion inhibition studies on Aerospace and Marine  materials through physical, NDT methods.

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Employment Profile

Job Title Employer    
Post doctoral fellow Raman Research Institute, Bangalore    
Post doctoral fellow Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore    
Professor  National Institute of Technology -Trichirappalli    

Academic Qualifications (From Highest Degree to High School):

Examination Board / University      
PhD Pondicherry University      
MSc Pondicherry University      
BSc University of Madras      

Awards, Associateships etc.

Year of Award Name of the Award Awarding Organization
2009 Young Scientist Fellowship Department of Science and Technology (DST)
2007 Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
2017 Best Performer Award -NIT Trichy NIT Trichy
2018 Best Performer Award- NIT Trichy NIT Trichy
2021 Best Performer Award -NIT Trichy NIT Trichy
2021 Ranked as World's Top 2% scientist -Survey done by Standford Uniiversity https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/3
2022 Ranked as World's Top 2% scientist -Survey done by Standford University https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/4
2023 Ranked as World's Top 2% scientist -Survey done by Standford University https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/6

Details of Academic Work

  • Curriculum Development- Photonics and LAser Applications
  • Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels
    1. Atomic and molecular spectroscopy
    2. Lasers and applications
    3. Radiography
    4. Material chrecterisation techniques
    5. Advanced lab-MSc
    6. Engineering Physics

Projects guided at Postgraduate level- M. Tech Students - 35(with external students 37)

M.Sc Students - 35(with external students40)

Details of Major R&D Projects

Title of Project Funding Agency Duration Status
From To Ongoing/ Completed
Synthesis and exciton dynamics study on semiconductor quantum dot nanocomposite polymers DST- FAST Track     Completed
Optical power limiting studies on ag and cu nano wire composite glasses Defense Research and Development Organisation     Completed
Synthesis, exciton and phonon properties of nio nanotube composite polymer films Council of Scientific and Industrial Research     Completed
Multiple Exciton Harvesting at Zero-Dimensional/Two-Dimensional (ZnO/MoS₂)–Polymer Heterostructures DST, (SERB)     Completed

Number of PhDs guided

Name of the PhD Scholar Title of PhD Thesis Role(Supervisor/ Co-Supervisor) Year of Award
Dr. T. Pandiyarajan Doping and polymer covering induced optical, vibrational properties of zno nanostructures Supervisor 2013
Dr. R. Udhayabaskar Optical and nonlinear optical properties of some metal and metal oxide nanostructures Supervisor 2014
Dr. S. Muthumariappan Metal/metal oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide for ammonia vapour sensing applications Supervisor 2017
Dr. S. Hariharan Nanomaterials based fluorescence sensing, excited state energy Transfer and photonic logic gates Supervisor 2019
Dr. Neena Prasad Optical and Raman spectral probe on different polar zns nanostructures for uv photodetector applications Supervisor 2019
Dr. R. Venkadesh Kumar Investigation on optical, nonlinear optical and photocatalytic Properties of reduced graphene oxide/XO3 (X=W, Mo) nanocomposites Supervisor 2021
Dr. Anoop Sunny Raman spectral probe on laser power, particle size and magneticorder induced phonon and magnon properties of NiO nanoparticles Supervisor 2021

Participation in Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia /Seminars/ Schools etc. (mentioning the role)

Date (s) Title of Activity Level of Event (International/ National/ Local) Role (Participant/ Speaker/ Chairperson, Paper presenter, Any other) Event Organized by Venue
12-07-2008 Induction Training program National Participant   Indian Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Chennai
14 to 24 June 2011 Thermodynamics in mechanical engineering National Participant ISTE IIT Bombay
IIT-Bombay FDP on advanced nanomaterials:Process, Characterization and Applications National Participant   NIT-Calicut

Workshops/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Colloquia/Seminars Organized (as Chairman/ Organizing Secretary/ Convenor / Co-Convenor)

Title of Activity Level of Event (International/ National/ Local) Date (s) Role Venue
ISNT National Conference on NDE for Research Scholars and Students-IGNIT 2019 National 25-26 September 2019 Co-ordinator NIT Trichy
Training program on optical spectroscopy of semiconductor nanomaterials Local 08 March 2022 Convenor NIT Trichy

Invited Talks delivered

Topic Date Inviting Organization
Optical nonlinearity and excited electron dynamics in noble metal nanoparticles 2006 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
Light and metallic nanoparticles 25-28 February 2009 PRIST University
Light and nanomaterials 23rd Aug. 2010 St. Josephs College of Arts and Science, Cuddalore
Material science and its applications 2020 Meenakshi college of arts and Science Pudukkottai
Novel materials 2020 Government college of engineering Thanjavur
Lasers and nano-optics 2020 NITT-OSA & NITT- SPIE student chaptERS
Nondestructive materials testing methods 2021 M R Government Arts College -Mannargudi
Emerging trends in photonics 2021 IIIT DM Kurnool
Emerging trends in materials 2021 University of Kerala

Membership of Learned Societies

Type of Membership (Ordinary Member/ Honorary Member / Life Member ) Organization Membership No. with date
Life member Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing  

Academic Foreign Visits

Country Duration of Visit Programme
Singapore 10 days International Conference and Visit to NTU and NUS, Singapore
United States of America 10 days
  International Conference
Malaysia 10 days
  International Conference


Refereed Research Journals:

Author(s) Title of paper Journal volume Page no Year Impact factor
Anoop Sunny, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Phonon, magnon and magnetic properties of Cu doped NiO nanoparticles Journal of Raman Spectroscopy     2022 2.727
Sivalingam Muthu Mariappan, Sung Jun Hong, Byungchan Han, Mohd. Shkir, Elangovan Vinoth, Stella Mary, Janani Archana,Balasubramanian Karthikeyan, H. Algarni, and S. AlFaify slow Excitonic Carrier Cooling in Sr-doped PbS Nanocrystals for Hot Carrier Devices: Integrated Experimental and First-principles Approach Journal of Materials Chemistry C 10 6634-6645 2022 8.067
Janani Archana K, Christy preetha, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Influence of Urbach energy in enhanced photocatalytic activity of Cu doped ZnO nanoparticles Optical Materials 127 112245 2022 3.754
Janani Archana K, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Probing nanometal surface energy transfer between nanocopper and MoS2 for glutathione sensing Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 55 265101 2022 3.409
Arjun K, Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan Flexible Ultraviolet Photodetector based on flower-like ZnO/PEDOT:PSS nanocomposites Applied Physics A 128 449 2022 2.98
Swati; Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan "Multiple Exciton Dynamics in MoS2 Nanosheet/Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)/Polyaniline Composites and Nonlinear Optical Properties: Implications for Saturable Absorber Applications" ACS Applied Nano Materials 5 4823–4832 2022 6.140
Susmitha Balagopalan , I. Abdul Rasheed Hemant Sharma, Inder Mohan Chhabra, Mahender Kumar Gupta, P. Manimaran, B. Karthikeyan Fractal and Multifractal analysis on Fused Silica Glass formed by Bound abrasive grain mediated grinding using diamond grits Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 581 121418 2022 4.458
Ramar, Venkadeshkumar; Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan Reduced Graphene Oxide/WO3 Nanorod Composites for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue under Sunlight irradiation ACS applied nanomaterials 4 5512–5521 2021 6.140
Sivalingam Muthu Mariappan, E. Mathan Kumar, Udo Schwingenschlögl,ThangeeswariTharmar, Elangovan Vinoth, Mohd.Shkir5, Zafar Said, Balasubramanian Karthikeyan Impact of Reducing Agents on the Ammonia Sensing Performance of Silver Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide: Experiment and First Principles Calculations Applied Surface Science 558 149886 2021 6.707
Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Raman spectral probed electron-phonon and phonon lifetime properties of Ni-doped CuO nanoparticles Applied Physics A 127 205 2021 2.584
Anoop Sunny,Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Laser induced phonon and magnon properties of NiO Nanoparticles: A Raman study Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52 833-842 2021 3.133
Ramar, Venkadeshkumar; Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Effect of reduced graphene oxide on the sun light-driven photocatalytic activity of rGO/h-MoO3 nanocomposites Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics 54 155502 2021 3.207
Madhumidha,B.Karthikeyan Enhanced UV photodetection behavior of Cr doped wurtzite ZnO crystalline nanorods Optical Materials 110 110492 2020 3.08
Anoop Sunny, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Plasmon induced enhancement of surface phonon and magnon properties of NiO nanoparticles: Raman spectral probe Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 22815-22822 2020 3.676
S, Aravindh; B, Karthikeyan Graphene oxide - Polymethyl methacrylate coatings for Corrosion protection of aerospace aluminium alloy 7075 – T651 surfaces Engineering Research Express 2 035034 2020 1.1
Swatipaul, B.Karthikeyan Charge transfer induced excitons and nonlinear optical properties of ZnO/PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite films Spectrochimica Acta Part A : Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 245 118901 2020 4.831
M.Manjula, B. Karthikeyan, D.Sastikumar Cu-doped zinc oxide fiber optic sensor for acetone detection at room temperature Applied Physics A 126 718 2020 2.584
Jananni Archana K, B.Karthikeyan Thermally Influenced, Optical and fluorescence properties of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles for Glutathione sensing Applied Physics A 126 602 2020 2.584
Venkadeshkumar Ramar,Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Unravelling the synergistic effect of reduced graphene oxide on optical, phonon and optical power limiting properties of rGO/α-MoO3 nanohybrids Applied Physics A 126 565 2020 2.584
A.Kalaipriya, Anoop Sunny, B, Karthikeyan, D.Sastikumar Optical, Spectroscopic and Fiber Optic Gas Sensing of Potassium Doped
α -Fe2O3 Nanostructures
Optical Fiber Technology 58 102304 2020 2.53
Sunny, Anoop; Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan Raman Spectral Probe on Size Dependent Surface Optical Phonon Modes and Mangnon Properties of NiO Nanoparticle The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 12636−12644 2020 4.126
Venkadeshkumar Ramar,Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Strong violet emission and optical power limiting properties of rGO/MoO3synergistic composites Journal of Applied Physics 127 193102 2020 2.877
Anoop Sunny,T. Arun, B. Karthikeyan Laser induced fano scattering, electron- phonon coupling, bond length and phonon life time of α-Fe2O3 nanostructure Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 2001-2009 2020 3.676
Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Optical, Phonon and Fluorescence properties of PVA-GO-ZnO free standing films Applied Physics A 125 847 2019 2.584
Venkadeshkumar Ramar,Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Optical and Highly Enhanced Solar Light-driven Photocatalytic Activity of Reduced Graphene Oxide Wrapped α-MoO3 Nanoplates Solar Energy 194 1--10 2019 5.742


Effect of Laser power on force constant and phonon lifetime of stretching and bending vibration of Cu-doped WO3 nanostructures Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy


225 117514 2019 4.831
Prasad, Neena; Karthikeyan, Balasubramanian


Phase dependent structural, optical, phonon and UV sensing properties of ZnS nanoparticles Nanotechnology 30 485702 2019 3.874
S. Hariharan ,B.Karthikeyan Fluorescence ON-OFF Switching, Boolean logic gates like behavior of Carbon Quantum Dots and highly sensitive bovine serum albumin sensing Journal of Applied Physics 126 084503 2019 2.877
S.Nandhini,S.Muniyappan, VenkadeshkumarRamar, Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, P.Murugakoothan Quantum chemical analysis on supramolecular assemblies of guanidinium tetrafluoroborate (GFB) crystal structure: Emission and NLO behaviour Journal of Molecular Structure 1198 126859 2019 3.196
Unraveling the synergistic influences of graphene and CuO on the structural, photon and phonon properties of graphene:CuO nanocomposites Carbon 152 766-776 2019 9.594
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R.Udayabhaskar.V.Mangalaraja, .... B.Karthikeyan, DavidContreras, M.A.Gracia-Pinilla Modulation of Optical and Photocatalytic Properties by Morphology and Microstrain in Hierarchical Ceria Nanostructures Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 195 106-113   7.267
B. Karthikeyan, S. Hariharan, Arya Sasidharan, V. Gayathri, T. Arun, Ali Akbari-Fakhrabadi, C. Madhumitha Optical, vibrational and fluorescence recombination pathway properties of nano SiO2-PVA composite films Optical materials 90 139-144 2019 3.08
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Prasad, Neena; Karthikeyan, Balasubramanian Tunable bandgap and blue emission of ZnS nanoparticles induced by controlled S vacancies Journal of Applied Physics 125 085702 2019 2.877
Prasad, Neena; Karthikeyan, Balasubramanian Tunable bandgap and blue emission of ZnS nanoparticles induced by controlled S vacancies Journal of Applied Physics 125 085702 2019 2.877
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Anoop Sunny, Neena Prasad, Devendiran Subbaiyan, Sastikumar Dillibabu,
Balasubramanian Karthikeyan
Optical, phonon and fiber optic gas sensing properties of Hematite microparticles Applied Physics A 124 10 2018 2.584
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Pandiyarajan T, Saravanan R, Karthikeyan B, Gracia F, Héctor D. Mansilla, M.A. Gracia- Pinilla, Mangalaraja R Sonochemical synthesis of CuO nanostructures and their morphology dependent optical and visible light driven photocatalytic properties Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 28 2448–2457 2017 2.478
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Neena Prasad , V.M.M. Sai pavithra , S. Hariharan , T. Pandiyarajan, R.V. Mangalaraja, B.Karthikeyan Micro stress, strain, band gap tuning and photo catalytic properties of thermally annealed and Cu doped ZnO nanoparticles Applied Physics A 122 590 2016 2.584
I. Abdul Rasheed, V. Atchaiah Naidu, Mahender Kumar Gupta, Inder Mohan Chhabra, and B. Karthikeyan Improvement in the performance of laser based optical rotational sensor by reducing the stress co-efficient of optical component AIP Conference Proceedings     2016 0.402
S. Muthu Mariappan, B. Karthikeyan Optical and vibrational properties of Ag nano metal enhanced blue light emitting GrapheneOxide-Polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer composites films Plasmonics 12 171–177 2016 2.404
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B. Karthikeyan, T. Pandiyarajan, S. Hariharan, Muhamed Shafi Ollakkan Wet chemical synthesis of diameter tuned NiO microrods: micro structural, optical and optical power limiting applications CrystEngComm, 18 601 - 607 2016 3.545
T. Pandiyarajan, R.V. Mngalaraja, ....B. Karthikeyan, Microstructure, vibrational and visible emission properties of low frequency ultrasound (42 kHz) assisted ZnO nanostructures RSC Advances 6 20437-20446 2016 4.036
Gururaj M. Neelgund, B. Karthikeyan, S.A. Shivashankar , Aderemi Oki Single-step, size-controlled synthesis of colloidal silver nanoparticles stabilized by octadecylamine Applied Surface Science 356 30 2015 6.707
T. Pandiyarajan, R.V. Mangalaraja, B. Karthikeyan, P. Sathishkumar, H. D. Mansilla, D. Contreras,R. José, M.A. G. Pinilla Morphology controlled synthesis of Sm doped ZnO nanostructures for photodegradation studies of Acid Blue 113 under UV-A light Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 26 8784 2015 2.478
. Karthikeyan, T. Pandiyarajan, R.V. Mangalaraja Enhanced blue light emission in transparent ZnO:PVA nanocomposite free standing polymer films Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Mol. and Biomol. Spectroscopy, 152 485-490 2015 4.098
Siva Chidambaram, Ganga Gnanasekaran , G. Mohan Kumar, Baraneedharan Pari , Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, Sivakumar Muthusamy Colloidal synthesis and electrical behaviour of n-ZnGdO/p-Si heterojunction diodes Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 452 169 2015 8.128
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T. Pandiyarajan, R. Udayabhaskar, B. Karthikeyan Microstructure and enhanced exciton-phonon coupling in Fe doped ZnO nanoparticles Spectrochimica Acta Part A 103 173–178 2013 4.098
T. Pandiyarajan, R. Udayabhaskar, S. Vignesh, R. Arthur James, B. Karthikeyan Synthesis and concentration dependent antibacterial activities of CuO nanoflakes Materials Science and Engineering 33 2020–2024 2013  
R. Udayabhaskar, R.V Mangalaraja, D. Manikandan, V. Arjunan, B. Karthikeyan Room temperature synthesis and optical studies on Ag and Au mixed nanocomposite Polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer films Spectrochimica Acta Part A 99 69–73 2013 4.098
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