Fundamental principles of friction, friction stir and induction pressure welding, process characteristics and applications

Explosive, diffusion and ultrasonic welding, principles of operation, process characteristics and applications

EBW: Heat generation and regulation, equipment details in typical set up, electron beam welding in different degrees of vacuum, LBW: Physics of lasers, types of lasers, operation of laser welding setup, advantages and limitations, applications

Brazing: Wetting and spreading characteristics, surface tension and contact angle concepts, brazing fillers, role of flux and characteristics, atmospheres for brazing, Soldering: Techniques of soldering, solders, phase diagram, composition, applications

Thermal spraying, plasma spraying, laser surface alloying and modification, spraying to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance, CVD, PVD and ion implantation, Oxygen cutting, powder cutting, arc and plasma cutting; adhesive bonding


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