Particulate Processing 















Introduction – Historical background, important steps in powder metallurgy (P/M) process – Advantage and Limitations of powder metallurgy process and Applications


Methods – Production of ceramic powders - powder production by newer methods such as electron beam rotating electrode, rotating electrode process, electron beam rotating disc and the rotating rod process, automation, rapid solidification technique. Characteristics: sampling – chemical composition, particle shape and size analysis, Surface area, packing and flow characteristics, Porosity and density, compressibility, Strength properties. Blending and mixing of metal powders;


Compaction of powders, pressureless and pressure compaction techniques - single action and double action compaction, Cold Isostatic compaction, powder rolling, continuous compaction, explosive compaction, Hot temperature compaction – Uni axial hot pressing, Hot extrusion, Spark sintering, Hot isostatic pressing, Injection moulding – Sintering – Types – Theory of sintering – process variables, Effects of sintering – Sintering atmospheres – metallographic technique for sintered products.


Post sintering operations – Sizing, coining, repressing and resintering, impregnation, infiltration, Heat treatment, steam treatment, machining, joining, plating and other coatings. Products: Porous parts, sintered carbides, cermets, dispersion strengthened materials, electrical applications, sintered friction materials


Atomisation, Mechanical alloying, Metal Injection moulding, Microwave sintering and self propagating high temperature synthesis.





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List of Experiments

1.      Determination of  

      a) Metal powder size and shape

      b) Apparent density and tap density

      c) Flow rate

      d) Compressibility

      e) Green density and sinter density

2.      Cold upset forming of aluminium

        Extrusion of aluminium [Demonstration]