Fatique, Creep and Fratcure Mechanics

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Characteristics  of  fatigue  failure, initiation  and propagation  of  fatigue cracks,; methods  of  improving  fatigue behaviour, fatigue testing; analysis of fatigue data,  fracture mechanics of  fatigue  crack  propagation,  corrosion fatigue, case studies   


Introduction to creep - creep mechanisms, creep curve, Presentation  and practical application of  creep  data;  accelerated  creep testing,  time-temperature  parameters  for conversion of creep data; creep resistant alloys, creep testing,  stress rapture test,


Introduction, types of fracture in metals, theoretical cohesive strength of metals, Griffith theory of brittle fracture, fracture of single crystals, metallographic aspects of fracture, fractography, fracture under combined stresses.


Brittle fracture problems, notched bar impact tests, instrumented Charpy test, significance of transition temperature curve, metallurgical factors affecting transition temperature, drop-weight test and other large-scale tests, fracture analysis diagram,


Introduction, strain energy release rate, stress intensity factor, fracture toughness and design, KIC plane strain toughness testing, plasticity corrections, crack opening displacement, J integral, R curve, toughness of materials.




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