Phase Transformation And Heat Treatment

OBJECTIVES: To understand the physical metallurgy concepts involved in phase transformations and strengthening mechanisms. 










Introduction and classification of phase transformations. Diffusion in solids: phenomenological approach and atomistic approach. Nucleation and growth theories of vapour to liquid, liquid to solid, and solid to solid transformations; homogeneous and heterogeneous strain energy effect during nucleation; interface-controlled growth and diffusion controlled growth; overall transformation kinetics.


Principles of solidification, evolution of microstructures in pure metals and alloys. Precipitation from solid solution: types of precipitation reactions, crystallographic description of precipitates, precipitation sequence and age hardening, spinoidal decomposition.


Iron-carbon alloy system: iron-carbon diagram, nucleation and growth of pearlite, cooling of hypo-eutectoid, eutectoid, and hyper-eutectoid steels, development of microstructures in cast irons. Heat treatment of steels: TTT and CCT diagrams, bainitic transformation, martensitic transformation, hardenability, role of alloying elements in steels


Conventional heat treatment of steels. Massive transformation. Order-disorder transformation. Phase transformations in and heat treatment of some common non-ferrous metals and alloys  


Types of furnaces and furnace atmospheres; quenching  media;  types of quenching,  mechanism  of  quenching, quenching  characteristics, choice  of quenchants; surface hardening of steels- carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding and others.. Various thermo-mechanical treatments; Designing for heat treatment, defects in heat treated parts, causes for the defects in heat-treated parts and remedies 




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