Mechanical Technology

OBJECTIVE: To become familiar with the design of common machine elements

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Machine design concepts

Material and manufacturing in design; materials selection; reliability based design; Stresses in simple machine members - axial, bending, torsional, bearing stress, Hertz contact stress; combined stresses, principal stresses

Design of machine elements-I

Modes of failure, Theo­ries of failure. Endurance limit. Stress concentration. Factor of safety. design of structural machine elements subjected to various types of loads e.g Static loading, Impact loading, Bending, Torsional loading, Fatigue loading; Fracture mechanics

Design of machine elements-II
Design of springs and Material selection, Design of Bearings Material selection, Fundamentals of measurement technology

Machining Technology

Basic machine tools, Shaper, planner and slotter machines, Milling. Hobbing. Broaching. Grinding machines, Work holding and tool holding devices; Selection of cutting tools, Materials for cutting tools; Fundamentals of NC & CNC machine tools

Non-traditional machining technology

Introductive to unconventional machining processes. Abrasive jet machining, ultrasonic machining, abrasive water jet machining, abrasive flow machining, water jet machining, electro chemical machining, electro discharge machining. Electron beam machining, laser beam machining and plasma arc machining.



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