Projects & Patents

Sponsored Research Projects Completed / in progress

1. Project Title : Development of Black Zinc-Nickel Coating as a Replacement to Cadmium Coatings used in Aerospace and Defense Applications,

Sponsoring Agency : DST, Amount: 17.12 Lakhs, From: 2016-06-01 To: 2018-05-31 Status: completed

2. Project Title: Investigation on Al 3003 Material for Oil Tank Application,

Sponsoring Agency: GTRE DRDO, Amount: 9.80 lakhs, From: 2016-09-21 To: 2018-03-20 Status: completed.

3. Project Title : Enhancing the Life of Dewatering Pipes in Coal/Lignite Mines by Prevention of Erosion Corrosion With Nano- Crystalline Surface Engineering Treatments,

Sponsoring Agency : CMPDI, Ministry of Coal , Government of India, Amount: 299.97, From: 2012-09-01 To: 2016-08-31 Status: Completed

4. Project Title: Hot Air Erosion Prevention Studies on Nickel Based Super Alloy Turbine Blades,

Sponsoring Agency: GTRE, DRDO, Amount: 9.60 lakhs, From: 2016-05-23 To: 2017-11-22 Status: Completed

5. Project Title : Evaluation and Prevention of Erosion Corrosion in Storm Water Control Pumps ofLignite Mines,

Sponsoring Agency : Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Amount: 48.20 Lakhs, From: 2009-07-01 To: 2013-03-15 Status: Completed

6. Project Title: Development of Al-TiB2 and Al-ZrB2 in Situ Composites With NITK Surathkal,

Sponsoring Agency: TEQIP Networking, Amount: 2.00 lakhs, From: 2008-04-01 To: 2009-03-31 Status: Completed

7. Project Title: Fabrication of CNT Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Nano Composites,

Sponsoring Agency : Institution of Engineers (India) ,Kolkata, Amount: 0.50 lakhs, From: 2009-08-28 To: 2010-08-27 Status: Completed


Patents granted / filed

1. Patent Name : High Longevity Coatings and Alternate Material for Erosion and Corrosion Resistance in Mining Pumps

Register / Ref. No. : 5145/CHE/2014Organization : NITT

Date: 2014-10-01 Role: Inventor # of Co-I: 3 Status: Filed

2. Patent Name : Corrosion Resistant Coating For Dewatering Pipes In Mining Industry

Register / Ref. No. : TEMP/E-1/36139 /2017-CHE

Organization : NITT, Date: 2017-10-06 Role: Inventor # of Co-I: 4 Status: Filed