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Academic Details

Dr.S.P.Kumareshbabu did his AMIIM from the Indian Institution of Metals, Calcutta during the year 1997. He holds double masters in engineering with Process metallurgy as a major subject of study from NIT (KREC), Suratkal and Industrial metallurgy as a major subject of study from PSG Tech, Coimbatore. He did his doctorate on the weldment corrosion studies from NIT, Trichy. He holds wide industrial and academic experience of more than 20 years prior to joining NIT, Trichy as Assistant professor during 2007. He guided 9 PhD and 1 M.S (By research) scholars so far and presently guiding 9 more PhD scholars and 1 M.S. (By research). He has 60+ International and National research publications, 60+ conference publications. Many academic positions were held by him over the past and have organised FDP, STP, National and international level seminars, workshops and conferences. He is the reviewer of few internationally acclaimed journals in the field of materials science and engineering.


Research Interests

Dr.S.P.Kumareshbabu has his research interest towards new alloy development, casting technology, surface engineering, and tribology & corrosion studies. Based on his research interests, he undertook research works funded by various funding organisations like DST, DRDO, TEQIP, NLC-India, and Ministry of Coal – GoI. The total project we carried out work about INR 387.20 Lakhs. Two joint international patents were filed out of the funded projects and are about to get published.


Recent Publications

  1. Title: Solid Particle Erosion Behavior of Cast CY5SnBiM at Room Temperature
    Journal/Conf. Name : Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D
    DOI: 10.1007/s40033-019-00175-4 Year : 2019
  2. Title: Room-Temperature Erosion Behaviour of Nb-Stabilized 27Cr–7Ni–Mo–W–N Cast Hyper-Duplex Stainless Steel (Nb + CD3MWN - 7A)
    Journal/Conf. Name : Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D
    DOI: 10.1007/s40033-018-0171-6 Year : 2018
  3. Title: Thermal kinetics and phase stability of 8 mol% samaria doped zirconia nanopowders prepared via reverse co-precipitation
    Journal/Conf. Name : Ceramics International
    Vol.: 43 Year: 2017
  4. Title: Studies on Intergranular Corrosion Characteristics of Cast Duplex Stainless Steel Stabilized with Niobium
    Journal/Conf. Name : ASTM Journal of Testing and Evaluation
    DOI: 10.1520/JTE20170299 Year: 2017
  5. Title: Phase transformation and crystal growth behavior of 8mol% (SmO1.5, GdO1.5, and YO1.5) stabilized ZrO2 powders
    Journal/Conf. Name : International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials
    Vol.: 24(7) Year: 2017