Group Members

Ph.D. (Completed / on-going)

Completed -7; In-Progress - 6

S.No Scholar Name Ph.D Completed date/ In-Progess Thesis Title
1. Mr. D.Sreekanth Jan 29, 2014 Surface modification of biodegradabale magnesium alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation for orthopaedic implant applications
2. Mr. K. Venkateswarlu May 29, 2014 Surface modification of titanium by Micro arc oxidation and characterisation for biomedical Applications
3. Ms. M. Sandhya Rani Dec 15, 2014 Fabrication and characterisation of nanostructured ZrO2 and ZrO2/hydroxyapatite composite coatings on Zr for biomedical applications
4. Mr. Arun Nellaiappan July 31, 2017 JDevelopment of ceramic oxide and ceramic composite coatings on AA7075 by plasma electrolytic oxidation
5. Mr S. Arun Sep 18, 2019 Development of corrosion-resistant coatings on zirconium by plasma electrolytic oxidation with nanoparticle additions
6. Mr. A. Sai Kiran June 9, 2021 Surface modification of interstitial free steels by plasma electrolytic oxidation
7. Mr. S. Hariprasad July 20, 2021 Development of composite coatings on biodegradable magnesium alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation
8. Mr. E. Lokesh Kumar In-Progress Development of PEO coatings on β-Ti alloys for biomedical applications
9. Mr. P. Manoj Kumar In-Progress Surface modification of Ti and Ti alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation for textile wastewater treatment applications
10. Mr. C. Premchand In-Progress PEO coatings on Al alloys for defence applications
11. Mr. B. Rajasekar (External Scholar) In-Progress Development of carbon-based materials for high-temperature applications
12. Mr. R. Shishir In-Progress Development of Bioactive and photocatalytic coatings on Zinc based materials
13. Mr. Nasiruddin Usmaniya In-Progress Development of PEO and PEO_EPD coatings on biodegradable Mg alloys