Group Members

Ph.D. (Completed / on-going)


1. Dr. P. Venkatachalam – “The role of processing routes of Equal channel angular pressing on microstructure, mechanical properties texture and thermal stability of an Al-Cu alloy” (2011)

2. Dr.S.Jerome – Development of Al-TiC metal matrix composite by liquid and solid routes – A study (2012)

3. Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar – Studies on Effect of ECAP, Cryo rolling and Cryo ECAP on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Al 5083 (2012)

4. Dr. Surendarnath - Some Studies on Property Evolution of Commercially Pure Aluminum Processed Through Conventional and New ECAP Dies (2014)

5. Dr (Ms). MeenuSrinivastva - High Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion Performance of Electrodeposited Nico-Aluminide and Nico-Craly Composite Coatings (2016)

6. Dr.S.Suresh Kumar - Evaluation of Diffusion Bonding Using Ultrasonic Testing Method (2017)

7. Dr. Thiyaneshwaran – Microstructural characterisation and compression behaviour of light weight insitu Ti-Al/Ti-Ni Metal intermetallic laminates (03.11.2017)

8. Dr.Nagaraj – Enhancement of strength in low carbon structural steel by Equal Channel Angular Pressing (28.05.2019)

9. Dr. K.Chandrasekhar – Synthesis of Al5083 Nano Composites through Mechanical Alloying and Consolidation by Equal Channel Angular Pressing (09.12.2019)

10. Dr. Kondiah Gudimetla –Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Al-5083 Powders by Equal Channel Angular Pressing (27.08.2021)

In progress

1. Mr.Saravanan - Forming of stainless steels

2. Mr.C.Chinthani Selvan (production) – Sheet metal forming – as co guide – Dr.Narayanasamy as guide

3. Mr. Anil Babu Sankuru - ECAP of Magnesium Alloys

4. Ms. A. Jayanthi – Forging of Ti alloys


M.S – By Research (Completed / on-going)


1. Ms. B.Prabha – Topic : “Studies on Welding and Forming of Austenitic Stainless Steel Super 304H for Boiler Applications” (2009)

2. Mr.S.S.MuraluiKartheek – On “Synthesis and Characterization of In Situ Metal Intermetallic Laminates Using Diffusion Bonding”(2014).

3. Ms.S.P.Divya – Study on wear and corrosion behaviour of Equal Channel Angular Pressed aluminium 2014 alloy (2017)

In progress

1. Mr. R.SrikanthPutsala - on Development Li based alloys for battery applications