Education and Research Experience

Dr. Anand received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada in 2016. Earlier, he graduated from IIT Kanpur, India with a Master of Technology degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and received his Bachelor degree from GCE Salem, India in Metallurgical Engineering.

Dr. Anand has a strong 14 years of experience in process modeling for process improvement using various physical and mathematical modeling techniques and data analysis. During his graduate studies he has developed various mechanistic models to characterize steelmaking process units using computational fluid dynamics and mass and population balances. During his professional experience, he has developed CFD models for enhanced iron ore recovery and to assess dust and fume emission characteristics in EAF and BOF steel making shops; has undertaken analyses of large historical operational data to deduce optimal addition patterns during BOF operation and to deduce cooling characteristics of torpedo fleet in an integrated steel plant.

Research Interests

  • Reactive and Fluid flow Modeling in Extractive Metallurgy

Recent Publications

  1. Senguttuvan, A., Chalavadi, G., Singh, R., Das, A. (2019) “CFD Simulation of Dry Density Separation of Iron Ore Fines”, AISTech Conference Proceedings, pp. 701-711.
  2. Senguttuvan, A., Chatterjee, S., (2019) “CFD analysis of Capture Efficiency of Secondary Off-gas in an EAF shop”, 4th ESTAD, Dusseldorf, Germany.
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