Verification of basic specs of op amp from data sheet. OP-amp Ck1 amplifier (inverting and Non inverting).

P-amp Ck2 wave form generation (square wave, triangular wave). OP-amp Ck3 Integrator, Differentiator; OP-amp Ck4 V-I converter and I-V converter.

Study of transducers : RTD + Signal Conditioning Circuit. Study of LVDT with accessory chip. Study of Digital Gates. SOP realization.

Study of Microprocessor instruction set. Simple programs using 8085 microprocessor. Addition, Use of functions, Peripheral chips, Waveform generation.

Usage of interrupts. Stepper motor control. Keyboard interface. Heater control. Study of PLC. Study of tools such as PSPICE. Usage of simulators (any other microprocessor).