Unit I

Moulding sands - Types and properties. Patterns - Types of patterns. Selection of patterns. Pattern allowances. Classifications of castings according to mould materials and moulding methods. Special casting techniques. Fettling and finishing of castings. Defects in castings.

Unit II

Classification of welding process : Principle of gas welding. Arc welding. Resistance welding. Solid state welding. Thermochemical welding. Radiant energy welding. Brazing and soldering. Thermal cutting of metals or alloys.

Unit III

Forging : Classification of forging processes. Forging processes. Forging defects and inspection. Rolling : Classification of rolling processes. Rolling mill. Rolling of bars and shapes. Extrusion : Classification of extrusion processes. Extrusion equipments. Examples.

Unit IV

Drawing : Drawing of rods, wires and tubes. Sheet metal forming methods : Shearing, Blanking, Bending, Stretch forming, Deep forming. Spinning : Spinning processes.

Unit V

High Velocity Forming : Explosive forming , Electro hydraulic forming. Magnetic pulse forming. Pneumatic. Mechanical high velocity forming. Plastics working : Types of plastics. Plastic moulding processes.

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