Unit I

Review of basic concepts of thermodynamics. Properties of pure substances. First law applied to control mass, control volumes. First law of thermodynamics. Steady state flow energy equation (SFEE). Applications of SFEE. Uniform state, Uniform flow.

Unit II

Second law statements. Irreversible processes. Carnot theorem. Clausius inequality. Entropy. Entropy change for pure substances. TS diagram. Entropy change applied to control mass, control volume. Availability and Irreversibility.

Unit III

Vapour power cycles. Rankine cycle. Effect of pressure and temperature on Rankine cycle. Reheat cycle. Regenerative cycle. Air standard power cycles. Assumptions regarding air standard cycles. Otto, Diesel, Dual, Stirling and Brayton cycles.

Unit IV

Thermodynamic relations. Partial derivatives. Maxwell relations. Clapeyron equation. Entropy of a pure substance. Entropy change of an ideal gas. The ideal gas. Behavior of real gases. Equations of state. Isothermal and adiabatic compressibility.

Unit V

Mixture of non reacting gases. Dalton's and Amalgam's model. Calculation of Cp, Cv, R and U. H and S changes for gas mixtures fuels and combustion. Combustion chemistry. Calculation of air fuel ratio. Exhaust gas analysis.


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