Unit I

Axial and shear stresses and strains. Elasticity, Hook's law. Lateral strain. Poisson's ratio. Volumetric strain. Elastic constants. Stress in composite bars. Strain energy. Impact and suddenly applied loads.

Unit II

Thin cylindrical and spherical shells subjected to internal pressure. Principal stresses and their planes. Plane of maximum shear. Mohr's circle of stresses. Thick cylinders. Lame's equation. Shrink fit. Compound cylinders.

Unit III

Shear force and bending moment diagrams for cantilever for beams to concentrated load and UDL. Theory of simple bending and assumptions.

Unit IV

Leaf spring. Shear stress. Deflection. The moment area method. Macaulay’s method. Superposition (statically determinate beams only).

Unit V

Torsion of solid and hollow circular shafts. Power transmission. Strength and stiffness of shafts. Stress and defection in open helical spring.


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