Unit I

Basic concepts. Fluid properties. Basic hydrostatic equation. Manometry. Submerged and floating bodies.

Unit II

Pressure at a point. Hydrostatic equations for incompressible and compressible fluids. Manometers. Hydrostatic force on a submerged plane and curved surfaces. Buoyancy and equilibrium of floating bodies. Metacentre. Fluid in rigid motion bodies.

Unit III

Fluid dynamics. Integral and differential formulations. Continuity equation. Navier-Stokes equations.

Unit IV

Laminar and turbulent flows. Some exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations. Flow through pipes.

Unit V

Fluid rotation and deformation. Stream function. Condition of irrotationality. Governing equations of potential flow. Laplace equation. Boundary layer concept. Prandtl's equation. Drag on flat plates. Buckingham PI theorem. Dimensionless numbers.


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