Unit I

Reciprocating air compressors. Types. Construction. Work of compression without clearance. Effect of clearance. Multistaging. Optimum intermediate pressure for perfect inter cooling. Compressor efficiencies and mean effective pressure.

Unit II

Working of two and four stroke engines. Valve and port timing diagrams. Deviation of engine indicator diagram from air standard cycles. Fuel air cycles and their analysis. Comparison of air standard and fuel air cycles. Losses in actual cycles.

Unit III

IC engines fuels and rating. SI engine air fuel mixture requirements. Performance curve of an automobile carburetor. Diesel injection systems. Types. Jerk type pump. Injection pump governors. Types of nozzles. Introduction to petrol injection.

Unit IV

Battery Ignition. Magneto ignition and transistorized coil ignition. Combustion in SI engines. Knock in SI engines. Effect of engine variable on knock. Combustion in CI engines. Knock in CI engines. Combustion chambers for SI and CI engines.

Unit V

IC Engine testing. Measurement of friction power. Indicated power. Electronic Indicator. Brake power. Dynamometers. Instruments for measuring emission of NOx , CO, unburnt HC and smoke. Engine efficiencies. Heat balance. Scavenging in two stroke engine.


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