Unit I

Welding Processes 1  Gas welding. Manual. submerged arc. TIG. MIG. Plasma arc. Electroslag. Electro gas welding. Pressure welding processes. Cold and hot pressure welding. Resistance, friction and explosive welding. Plastic and ceramic welding.

Unit II

Welding Processes 2  Radiant energy and solid phase welding processes and equipment. Beam power control. Laser beam cutting. Under water welding. Diffusion welding.

Unit III

Allied Processes  Brazing. Soldering. Cutting. Surfacing Methods. Need. Flame Spraying. Plasma Spraying.

Unit IV

Welding metallurgy  Weld thermal cycles and their effects. Structural changes in different materials. Effect of pre and post heat treatment. Weldability.

Unit V

Testing And Design of Weldment  Design and quality control of welds. Edge preparatin. Types of joints. Weld symbols. Stresses in butt and fillet welds. Weld size calculations. Design for fatigue. Testing  tensile, bend hardness. Impact, notch and fatigue tests. Visual examination  Liquid penetration test, Magnetic particle examination. Radio graphs. Ultrasonic testing. Life assessment of weldments.


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