The Department of Mathematics is one of the pioneering and the most distinguished departments in National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Applying a multi-disciplinary research and teaching methods, the department strongly believes in finding mathematical solutions for various social-economic, technological and work related processes and challenges. With fourteen faculty members representing major areas of mathematics, the department is at the forefront of cutting-edge research as well as teaching and innovation. In addition to a number of world-class publications and reference sources, our faculty interact and collaborate with leading mathematicians around the world and regularly organize international conference/workshops and outreach events.

The department is committed to outstanding graduate training to produce leading scholars in various fields of mathematics. Since its inception, the department molds Ph. D graduates to carry out challenging research problems which have wide ranging industrial and social implications. Students are provided with ample opportunities to improve their research, teach courses, and participate in conferences/seminars. Besides emphasizing quality research, the department also encourages its students’ to participate in extracurricular and other related activities in their areas of interest. From 2019, the department offers M. Sc. in Mathematics.

Vision: To be a global centre of excellence in mathematics and scientific computing for the growth of science and technology.
Mission: Committed to the cause of quality education, research and consultancy by providing principled and highly skilled mathematics.

Mathematics Dept

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Department of Mathematics
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