Clubs and Committees


Admission-Public Relations Committee



In DoMs NIT Trichy, Students who aspire to be corporate managers and executives in the future are trained to do the official and administrative work like the Admission process where all the admission related work is organized and executed by the students themselves. From creating admission brochure to co-ordinating the students during Group discussions and Personal Interviews, till the students reach the campus for the first day of the class, the Admission committee acts as the point of contact providing all the information they seek.

The Public Relations Committee serves as the face and voice of the institute. It strives to bring DoMs, NIT Trichy to the fore through brand building and promotion with a plethora of events. It endeavors to continuously and consistently build the brand DoMs NIT Trichy and disseminate on various Media.


Training and Placement Committee


The committee is formed to cater to the training and placement needs of the entire student fraternity of the department. It aims to provide adequate training and career opportunities to the students, thereby enabling them to be better professionals in the corporate world. The committee acts as an interface and strives to bridge the gap between corporate requirements, job opportunities, and student abilities.


Corporate Relations Committee


The corporate relations committee is the institute’s interface to the corporate world and media. CRC connects the industry and academia gap by organizing corporate guest lecturers, conclaves, workshops, industrial visits and panel discussions. The CRC plays a pivotal role of enhancing relationships with various stakeholders.


Finance Committee



For any firm, financial life is the life-supporting structure, by coordinating different departments and dealing with all finance-related issues with the utmost regard. The student Finance committee of DoMS follows a similar pattern which also includes preparing the budget for every academic year.


Alumni Committee



Being renowned and successful entrepreneurs ,managers and leaders of the society ,our alumni have made us proud time and again. The alumni are actively engaged with the institute and with the students ,motivating them to perform and excel at whatever they do through alumni committee and chapter meets.


Event Organising Committee



When ideas and issues are shared in a small group setting, planning is often better. When a group makes a choice rather than a single person, there is less possibility of something being forgotten or overlooked. 



Student-driven club activity sessions can be vividly seen in the department premises. A wide range of fun-filled, yet , informative activities and tasks are conducted as a part of the proceedings of the club sessions, under the mentorship of the department’s highly qualified faculty members.

Facebook pages are also active on behalf of the clubs to enlighten those who missed the opportunity to take part in them and also to inform other active members about the variety of talent being displayed on-demand.




Keeping in mind the finance related opportunities that are on the lookout,Vittiya focuses to concentrate on strengthening a multitude of the Financial concepts through distinguished speaker seminars ,games and debates.

Imparting knowledge regarding the financial policies ,best practices in use and preparation of resources and reports ,the core member representatives try to diversify the reach of every finance enthusiast through various structural methodologies for a complete engagement.




The core value of Vipanan being pooling and sharing of marketing skills and talent can be explicitly perceived through the events that are being steered through the sessions. Industrial experts are also invited to present a fair share of their expertise to the budding managers to capture the highlighted skill set.

Moreover it is understood that if a measurement isn’t appropriate, the management won’t be adequate. Hence, disseminating trending ideas is the key to measure the management of multi-functional concepts in marketing which is being stressed upon by members of the club.




Operation excellence at its peak, the club aims to propagate ‘Business Process Management’ techniques through various lessons like Lean, Six Sigma and 5S implementations. Improvements in industrial methodologies and measurements are also zeroed in to blend the core structure of process delivery and maintenance, and this is adopted by the active members of the club.




People form the basis of organizations, and Persona club aims to make the theories contained in the HR books transform into practice, with mock applications of every stage and scenario covered.

Recent trends in the industry, modern problems, and case studies are discussed regularly to hone problem-solving skills in a changing landscape. The club strives hard to deliver sensitive yet, practical solutions for tackling strenuous situations.




Data play a big part in what makes or breaks a company ,especially in these changing times. To exploit this opportunity Analytica club was formed to cater to enthusiasts as well as those who are interested.

The club meets regularly to discuss concepts and approaches, and also conducts a ‘Peer Learning’ program where students are encouraged to learn and then teach the class about topics related to analytics. The club has already organised lectures and training workshops on SQL, R, MATLAB, SAS, Python, Machine Learning, AI and Game Theory.





In order to excel in soft skills, Regimen creates opportunities for its members to showcase their abilities, Periodic sessions for successful delivery of managerial skills is the foundation of the club’s initiation. Mock interviews and group discussions are also conducted to boost the morale of every student across all the managerial domains.