PRABANDHAN’19 - Guest Lecture series

Prabandhan’19, a very intriguing series of guest lectures was hosted by the Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy on the 29th and 30th of March 2019. The theme of the event was a very relevant one, "Management 4.0". Management 4.0 refers to the evolution of management in the era of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. The wave of Management 4.0 has already hit the business world and this event helped the students get constructive insights on how the industry is going to transform and the dynamism that they will experience when they embark on their careers. The first session of Prabandhan was handled by Mr. Prasad Sawant, Agile Coach & Technology Leader, ANZ. Being agile is one of the key aspects of Management 4.0 and Mr. Prasad’s session gave insight into the huge role of agile in the rapidly changing business world. The next session was handled by one of our own alumni, Mr. Mohan Babu, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Khazana Jewellers. His session on ‘6G Marketing’ that drew attention to the evolution of marketing and digitalization was lively and interactive. The last segment of the day was a very engaging panel discussion on the topic, ‘How does Management change in the digital era?’. The panel of experts included Mr. Ravin Carr, CEO at GBS India, Ms. Mahalakshmi Vivekandan, Principal Product Manager at Oracle, Mr. Ankoor Dasgupta, VP - Brand Solutions & Marketing at SHEROES and Ms. Vassundara Nattes, National Business Head at WizardTech Solutions with Mr. Prasad Sawant as the moderator. The panelists from different domains gave their perspectives and what to expect in the digital era. The second day of Prabandhan commenced with a thought-provoking session on 'Banking 4.0 - Change to Transformation' by Mr. Govindasamy Devaraj, VP - Trade Services, Standard Chartered Global Business Services. He gave insight on how banks were adopting the new age technologies and the transformation of banks beyond its brick and mortar structure. He also touched upon the new career options that are sprouting in the banking sector with the advent of Management 4.0. Prabandhan concluded with a wonderful session by Mr. Dhruv Talwar, Head - Brand Strategy, Godrej Properties. His session on ‘Humanizing brands and Branding humans’ gave the students a completely new perspective on the need to humanize brands. His interactive session was made even more interesting with many emotional and thought-provoking examples. Prabandhan'19 opened many facets of Management 4.0 to the students and enriched their understanding through the thoughts of versatile business leaders.






INACON’18-Industry-Academia Connect

The much-awaited conclave, INACON’18, held by the Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy was conducted on the 1st & 2nd of December 2018. The conclave is a platform for the students to interact and gain constructive insights from business professionals in manifold streams. The knowledge and hands-on experience of the eminent speakers is the bridge that helps students connect their academic knowledge to the practical corporate world that they’ll soon step into. The theme of the conclave, ‘EMBRACING CHANGE FOR DEVELOPMENT' was relevant as the business world is dynamic and embracing the change is the only way to stay ahead and succeed. The event was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Satish Rajarathnam(Global HRBP-BFS, Cognizant), Mrs. Annapurna(Director - HR, Inspirage), Mr. Neel Pandya(Head of Media, L’Oréal), Dr. B Senthil Arasu (HOD, DoMS) and the professors of DoMS. INACON'18 had a fabulous start with the breathtaking session by Mr. Satish Rajarathnam, Global HRBP-BFS, Cognizant. The session had topics ranging from trends in global economies to their impact on the Indian economy and its employment prospects. In the second session, Mr. Neel Pandya, Head of Media, L'Oréal grabbed the attention of the students for two whole hours, as he spoke about the various facets of advertising, both conventional and digital. After two very interesting and interactive sessions, the students witnessed a very engaging panel discussion. The panel consisted of Mr. Lakshminarayanan G(Senior Manager, Deloitte), Mr. Satyarth Priyadarshi(Head of Product Marketing-JioChat, Jio), Mr. Sathish Rajarathnam, and Mrs. Annapurna. The moderator, Mr. Sovan Panda(Co-founder and CEO, Mangosteen Holdings), kept the session lively and the students were able to imbibe relevant information on the topic of discussion: ‘International Competitiveness of firms in India’. The panelists had varied perspectives and these teamed with the questions of the students were very captivating. The second day of INACON'18 saw the vast potential of Business Analytics through the session handled by Mr. Visukumar Gopal, Director-Business Excellence, Atos Syntel. The second session took the students by surprise when Mr. S.A.W. Bukhari, Retd. Deputy General Manager, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited took a unique way of delivering guest lectures. He gave deep insights from his years of experience while delivering a session on 'Total Quality Management as well as a related movie. INACON'18 had a splendid end to it, with an intriguing session on 'Digital Transformation in an Enterprise' by Mr. Pritam Dutta, Head of Global Data Strategy, IT & Digital transformation, Unilever. He enlightened the students on how organizations use data and new-age technologies to drive growth and create new avenues for business. The conclave, INACON’18, was an enlightening and enriching experience for the students as they were able to imbibe myriad values and information about the business world.




URJA’17- The General Management Conclave.

The conclave aims at gaining knowledge on building a sustainable business through profitable growth and learning about emerging trends of management in the Industry. It was an opportunity for DoMS to interact with the industry experts to foster our technical know-how of opportunities and challenges in business and improve our perception of business practices that are currently in the run. The objective of organizing the Conclave by DoMS NITT is to build a strong connection with the industry so as to reform ourselves to be better management professionals by learning from the experience. Hence, we would like to share some glimpses of Day 1 of URJA'17 where keynote speakers were :

  • Mrs. Maha Lakshmi, a Principal product manager from OFSS, spoke on 'Standing still or embracing change'.Mr. Suresh Ramamurthy, a Global Leadership Development Coach from Cognizant Technology Solutions spoke on 'Coaching people for development'.
  • Mr. M. P. Suresh, a Technology Planning and Marketing Executive from Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India, spoke on 'Technology management (Automobile Industry) in today's digital era'.On the Second and Final day of URJA’17, The General Management Conclave of DOMS NIT Trichy has taken the learning to a whole new level. Mr. Sanjai K, who is the Vice president in Product Management and Co-innovation at S.A.P. and a distinguished alumnus of DOMS NIT Trichy, spoke on Digital Transformation and Leadership and career.
  • Mr. Muthu Kumar Thanu, the Group Chief Human Resources Officer at T.A.F.E., gave valuable insights about Campus to Corporate Transformation and how we can fill the gap of the skill set required.
  • Mr. Ganesh Mahadevan, Director of Kanzen Institute Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd, spoke on Operations Management and shared insights about lean Management and Six Sigma techniques
  • .Mr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, who is the Founder and Chief Copyediting Executive at Virtual Paper and is the Contributing writer at Your Story Media Limited, joined the Conclave during Panel Discussion.
  • The Panel included Mr. Sanjai, Mr. Ganesh, Mr. P.P. Ramanujam, Mr. Venkatesh KrishnaMoorthy.Panel Discussion focussed on what corporates are looking for, in new recruits. The Panel discussed not only what it takes to succeed in an organization, but also focused on discussing the pros and cons of startup ecosystem. The discussion on the survival of startups was benefitted from the personal experiences of two of the panelists. The panel was thoroughly encouraging and answered various questions of students ranging from business models to the challenges of startups.



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Managing Human Resources is the key to managing the future. The future managers of the Department of Management Studies from National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli had taken an initiative to conduct a two-day Human Resource Conclave-AVANCE 2016 on 10th and 11th of September 2016, by inviting some of the prominent personnel from varied corporate sectors, to throw light on specific futuristic requirements in Human Resources and to share their perspective on the efficient utilization of people.

The first day started with Mr. K. Y. Ravi Kumar, General Manager(HR), Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited, who addressed ‘Performance Management’ from the basic definition of productivity and Jung’s theory to the realization of human potential, to highlight the importance of feedback in performance management. Mr. Rajendran Dandapani, Director of Engineering, ZOHO Corporation, enlightened the students on the ‘HR perspective of ZOHO Corp’ by giving a glimpse through what ZOHO is interested in perceiving from employees and the company’s work culture, along with ZOHO University’s motto to empower students. Mr. Anupam Bharteeya, Vice President, Insights and Data, Capgemini, imparted knowledge on ‘Analytics and its influence in HR domain’ by illustrating qualitative and quantitative entities of employees with numerical data. Ms. Lavanya, HR Manager, Caterpillar Inc., brought the importance of ‘Inclusion and Diversity to the limelight, with crisp thoughts on the need for diversification and encouraged a healthy discussion on ‘Women leaders’ and ‘Recruitment Discrimination based on gender.

The 2nd day of the conclave commenced with a presentation given by Mr. Venkatesh Kanna, Senior Project Executive, IBM, discussing the ‘Future of work and Workplace’, to give insights on forecast regarding future working environment. Mr. Sriram Mohan, Ex Vice-President, HDFC, gave his views on ‘People Management’ highlighting the need to value each employee and his/her contribution towards the company along with motivational factors and delegation of work in the banking sector. The conclave’s last presentation was given by Mr. Senthil K, Director (Products), Freshdesk, who threw light on the replacement of performance meetings with feedback meetings, goal-oriented systems, and the success of start-ups.

The students of DoMS found the perceptions of every speaker to be strongly appealing and hope to learn from other various personalities of the corporate sector to feel the taste of Management before actually entering the scenario, to keep themselves abreast.





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On the 6th of Feb, Prabandh the annual management conclave of DoMS started with aplomb. With the ever-changing corporate world and economic conditions, it is important to stay updated. Taking this into account, the Guest Lecture committee decided that Prabandh 16 would focus on current and future trends in the corporate world. Prabandh 16 was meticulously planned from the start. The speakers were invited from different sectors in the corporate world, to make the conclave all-encompassing.

The event started with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, by Dr. V. J. Sivakumar, Head of Department, DoMS, NIT Trichy, by Professor Dr. G. Kannabiran, and other esteemed speakers of Prabandh. The event was graced by Dr. G. Muruganantham, Dr. K. Nigama, Mrs. Shoba, other staff members, and the students of the 36th and 37th batch of the Department of Management Studies. Dr. V.J. Sivakumar and Dr.G. Kannabiran gave a brief speech on the need to keep track of the new trends in the corporate world. They also shared their valuable insights on the topic. The speakers for Prabandh 16, were leaders in their respective fields. The first speaker Mrs. Dhamayanthi N, Associate VP – TechCEED (HCL), spoke about technology trends and new business models, by citing numerous examples. Mrs. Dhamayanthi who has worked for several years with HCL also spoke about the emerging domain of HR analytics and IoT (Internet of Things).

Mr. Varadarajan Srinivasan, VP (Navitas), spoke about the developments in the pharmaceutical industry and about India's large generic drug market. He also spoke on the emerging trends in IT consulting and about the potential in a Domain niche field like Life Sciences. Mr. Mohit Mathur, Director- Business Transformation, FLIPKART, spoke on the creation of value for customers, and why we create it. Strategy Execution and OKR (Objectives and Key results) and other trends emerging in the corporate world were also discussed. Lastly, Mr. Sanjai K, Regional Head (Asia Pacific) SAP Solution Delivery Centre, also an alumnus of our very own DoMS, gave a motivating speech on corporate leadership, interjecting many experiences he had had, in his long successful corporate career. All the speakers dedicated time for Q&A after their respective speeches and graciously answered all the questions posed by DoMS students.
The official yearly newsletter of DoMS-NITT, "Pronto" was also released on the day. The session ended with DoMS students presenting a brief seminar on "New business models in emerging markets". Prabandh 16 gave DoMs students an understanding of the changing trends in the corporate world. The interaction sessions, allowed the students to deepen their knowledge and clarify their doubts in different corporate sectors.







Prabandh, the much-awaited General Management Conclave, organized by the Department of Management Studies, NIT Trichy, was held on 20th February 2015. Every year in February and August, the event is organized with much dedication and spirit, inviting eminent speakers from different industry domains to make the students aware of the latest business world scenario and happenings in the business sphere.

As a usual tradition, the event began by evoking the blessings of the Almighty with a prayer song followed by the lighting of the lamp by our esteemed guest's speakers, Dr. V. Gopalakrishnan, former executive director, BHEL, Mr. Mohandoss Thulasidoss, Senior Vice President at Fidelity investment, Mr. Vasanthi Gokula Prasad, Founder, NAGAS Consultancy and Mr. T. S. Ramesh, Chief Operating Officer, Xybion India Pvt. Ltd. along with our guest of honor, Dr. Srinivasan Sundarrajan, Director, NIT Trichy, and Dr. V. J. Sivakumar, Head of Department, DoMS, NIT Trichy. The event was also graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. G. Kannabiran, Dr. G. Muruganantham, other faculty, and staff members, and the students of the 35th and 36th batch of the Department of Management Studies,

Firstly, Dr. V. Gopalakrishnan, Former Executive Director, BHEL addressed the gathering. It was a great honor to have him with us to deliver his lecture on “Leadership in  21st Century”. He talked about how IT has changed the leadership style from the past era to the present making it more transparent yet challenging. He illustrated his real-life industry experiences and cited how things changed and are continuously evolving each day. Learning from the lens of an elderly and experienced person, he projected to the students that simplicity, patience, and compassion are the three most essential tools to succeed in life. His knowledge imbibes in the students the values that are essential for a manager, in the long run, to sustain in the ever-growing competitive world.

Secondly, Mr. Mohandoss Thulasidoss, Senior Vice President at Fidelity investment, gave us an insight into the intelligence age and how one should equip oneself for the same. The evolution that started with the agricultural age, moved to the industrial age, followed by the current information age, and rapidly making a move towards intelligence age was explained with apt examples. Further, he explained how technology has empowered today’s generation to be more informed.

To follow, we had Mr. Vasanthi Gokula Prasad, Founder, NAGAS Consultancy, who excels in the HR domain. He spoke about talent acquisition, talent management, and the various challenges attached to the same. Talent acquisition and management are both the sides of the same coin, neither of which is an easy task.

The last speaker, Mr. T. S. Ramesh, Chief Operating Officer, Xybion India Pvt. Ltd. acquainted us with the ever-growing power of digital marketing. In the current business environment, the word digital has almost replaced traditional, so is true in marketing. He equipped us with the requisite knowledge in this field and also made us aware of the various tools for its application.

Indeed, Prabandh not only provides a platform to all the DoMSians for knowledge sharing and interaction with reputed people from various industries, but it also gives the students the exposure that is important for the holistic development of a management student.