Transducers Laboratory


The facilities in this lab is mainly utilized for B. Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering students curriculum laboratory, apart from this the facilities are open to PG, PhD and UG students of the department to carry out project work /research work. The facilities are developed to learn, understand and to familiarize the basic principles of various sensors and transducers, to impart knowledge in static and dynamic characteristics of sensors and to impart knowledge in the design of signal conditioning circuits for transducers. The lab is currently equipped with following facilities, and to address the developments in the field new facilities are being added utilizing the plan fund, apart from regular operation and maintenance of the equipment. The department has well trained technical manpower to assist the requirement of the students.  

List of Facilities

  • Temperature Calibrator Nagman
  • Hall Effect Instruments
  • Stroboscope
  • Universal IC Tester
  • Multifunction Temperature Calibrator
  • DPT (Differential Pressure Transducer)
  • NI MyDAQ
  • NI USB-6009
  • NI Elvis

List of Experiments:

1. Characteristics of temperature sensors

2. Characteristics of Piezoelectric measurement system

3. Measurement of displacement using LVDT

4. Characteristics of Hall effect sensor

5. Measurement of strain using strain gauges

6. Measurement of torque using Strain gauges

7. Measurement using proximity sensors

8. Characteristics of capacitive measurement systems

9. Loading effects of Potentiometer

10. Design of Opto-coupler using photoelectric transducers

11. Characteristics of Micro pressure and Micro accelerometer sensing device

12. Study of speed measuring devices and Gyroscope