Modeling and Simulation Laboratory


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The laboratory caters to B. Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering, M. Tech in Industrial Automation, M. Tech in Process Control and Automation and PhD students to carry out their course project work, other mini projects and research work.

The lab is currently equipped with following facilities:

01    Inductive Position Transducer (25-600mm)
02    AVM-09 Thermo Anemometer with CFM CMM and built-in Manometer
          •    Range of Temperature: 0°C to 50°C / 32°F to 122°F
          •    Pressure Range : ± 2 psi
          •    Range of Air Velocity in m/s: 0.40 to 30.00 m/s with an Accuracy of ±3%
03     14 Bit USB Based Multifunction DAQ Card
         24 Bit USB Based Multifunction DAQ Card
         34972A LXI DAQ
04    Keyence Laser Displacement Sensor -50mm
        Keyence Laser Displacement Sensor -100mm
05   Temperature Sensor with Steel Head range: -55 to 125°C                          
           Serial JPEG Camera Module
             •    Pixel size: 5.6um*5.6um
             •    Manual focus adjustable from 5 to 15 meters

         MLX90614 Evaluation Board for IR Thermometer  
06    Portable Infrared Thermometer  - 30 to 1000°C
07    E4990A Impedance Analyzer (20 Hz to 20MHz)

08    LCR Meter IM3533-01 Range 1mHz to 200 KHz
09    HIOKI 9269 External DC Bias Current Unit range:  2A
        HIOKI 9269 – 10 External DC Bias Current Unit range: 2A

10    E36312A Triple output programmable DC power supply 
         6V,5A/ 25V,1A/25V,1A
11     Flex Sensor 4.5” Range: 60K to 110K Ohms
         Flex Sensor 2.2” Range: 45K to 125K Ohms 
12    Flexi Pressure Sensor 1lb
        Flexi Pressure Sensor 25lb
        Flexi Pressure Sensor100lb
13     Current Probe Range:100KHz/100A
14    Force Sensor
         Load Cells with Single Conditioning Units (Range:2KG)                                                    
         Futek (Range:45KG)

15     Flux Meter Range ± 3,000 Milligauss with
         Data Acquisition Software and Accessories
16     DC Motor Control Kit up to 3800 RPM
17     FLIR Thermal Camera 
         Object temperature range –20 to 400°C (–4 to 752°F)
18    Force Torque Sensor FTN-AXIA80-DUAL SI-75-4/SI-150-8
        DUAL SI-75-4 Range of measurement FX, Fy, Fz: ±75/±235[N]
        DUAL SI-150-8 Range of measurement Fx, Fy, Fz: ±150/±470[N]

19     Regulated DC Dual Power Supply (Range:0-32V/2A)
20     Regulated DC Dual Power Supply (Range:0-32V/5A)
21     Regulated DC Dual Power Supply (Range:0-30V/10A)
22     DC Dual Regulated Power Supply (Range:200V/2A)
23     Rheostats
         Range: 7.5 Ohms, 5A 
         Range: 8.5 Ohms, 4A
         Range: 45 Ohms 1.7A
25    V1723 41/2 Digital Multimeter