Instrumentation Laboratory




The instrumentation laboratory serves as the core laboratory for the B. Tech in instrumentation and Control Engineering program. The experiments in this laboratory are designed to practice and realize their learning from theory courses. The experiments are focussed towards temperature, pressure, flow, level, measurements in industry, all the experiments includes associated electronic design including design of transmitters, and also students are exposed to the state-of-the-art technology like industry 4.0 through demonstration. Continued efforts are taken by the department to address the currently available technology in the industry. The laboratory caters to B. Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering curriculum laboratory and partly to the curriculum laboratory of M. Tech in Industrial Automation and M. Tech in Process Control and Automation. The facilities are also utilized by PG, PhD and UG students of the department to carry out project work /research work. The lab is currently equipped with following facilities, and to address the developments in the field new facilities are being added utilizing the plan fund, apart from regular operation and maintenance of the equipment. The department has well trained technical manpower to assist the requirement of the students.


  • Field pressure callibrator.
  • Temperature field calibrators.
  • Universal calibrator.
  • Electro-pneumatic Converter.
  • Pressure – current Converter.
  • SMART Pressure Transmitter.
  • Dead weight tester.
  • Dual Block temperature Calibrator
  • High Temperature Calibrator
  • pH meter.
  • Conductivity meter.
  • Portable temperature calibrator
  • Thermocouple and RTDtransmitters
  • Electronic components for transmitter design

List of Experiments:

1. Design of temperature transmitter using RTD.

2. Design of cold junction compensation circuit for Thermocouple.

3. Design of IC temperature transmitters.

4. Design of Linearization circuit for thermistor.

5. Study of zero elevation and suppression in differential pressure transmitter

6. Performance evaluation of pressure gauges using Dead weight tester.

7. Measurement of level using differential pressure transmitter.

8. Design of alarms and annunciators for process variable measurements.

9. Design of pressure/force transmitter