Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Laboratory


Embd Lab Embd Lab Embd Lab

This lab is functioning in collaboration with Texas Instruments. In the Embedded systems lab, students work with microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and other components to build and program systems that interact with the physical world. The lab typically includes hardware tools such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, personal computers and advanced development boards, as well as software tools for programming and debugging. Through hands-on projects, students can learn about the design process, system architecture, real-time operating systems, communication protocols, and software development for embedded systems. They can also gain experience in testing and debugging systems to ensure they meet performance and reliability requirements.

Overall, an embedded systems lab provides students with valuable skills and experience that are in high demand in the job market, particularly in industries that rely on embedded systems technology.



Sr. no Name of the equipment Quantity
1. Universal Programmer (Parallel port support & Serial port) Universal programmer GALEP-5 Mini programmer for 8051 6
2. PIC Cross compiler 12/14/16 series (Software CD and License E-mail copy) 1
3. D Space Advanced Control education Kit 1104 1
4. Real time kernel CAN board CAN board Hardware Lock License Floppy Uv CD PK51 C51 compiler & Manual 1
5. Keil Real time kernel OS 1
7 Analog Multimeters (HUNGCHANG) 2
8. Universal Adapters for LABTOOL-Universal programmer 7
9. ARM7 development board (LPC 2148) 2
10. MPLAB In-Circuit Debugger ICD-2 1
11. Data Translation DAQ board (LABVIEW compatible) 2
12. ATMEL Arm920T board 2
13. HERCULUS board Ethernet cable, CD,power supply, computer accessories, Demoboard, Flash Disk module & programmer 1
14. Altera board (START1xDSP Development board version 1.3) Adapter (ByteBlaster) QUARTUS GUARD ID – T000102828 1
15. PIC RTOS Salvo CD, PICC Enterprise edition+CD PICC/PIC-18/ds PIC 1
16. Digital Multimeters Rish-5 Fluke-3 8
17. SDA slot 196 board 1
18. DAQ card (ISA slot) 3
19. POWERLAB (Chart & Scope) For Windows & MAC OS 1
20. Texas Instruments DSP TMS320C 3x/C4x DSP kits Manuals 4
21. Texas Instruments DSP TMS320C 3x/C4x Code generation Tools (CD) 1
22. PIC software for ADD ON cards 5
23. ESA power supply (plastic case) 2
24. NI DAQ card CB 68LP PCI slot (LABVIEW compatible) Internal board External card 1
25. Twin rotor/aero dynamical rotor 1
26. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) -1KVA 3
27. Digital Storage Osiloscopes-100MHz & DSO X1102A Make : Keysight 5+4
28. Function Generators 7
29. ARM development board 2
30. 32 bit MCU development board 12
31. Quanser USB data Acquisition board 1
32. FPGA/CPLD Boards  3
33. Quanser Double Invert. Pendulum Module 1
34. Q-8 USB Quanser DAQ card 1
36. ECGFOL + Mik Motor  4

List of Experiments- Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab – ICLR15

  1. Familiarization of architecture of the ARM M4 CORTEX processor AND SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3220SF Wireless Microcontroller launch Pad.-Theoretical and practical analysis
  2. Configuration and Programming of parallel I/O- ports
  3. TIMER control programming
  4. LCD Interfacing
  5. Seven segment display
  6. ADC Interfacing
  7. Key board interfacing
  8. SPI and I2C interfacing
  9. Wi-Fi communication
  10. Zig Bee communication and IoT demo