Control Engineering Laboratory


                       Control Engg. Lab Control Engg. Lab 


The Control Engineering Laboratory in the department is focused to impart practical knowledge to the B. Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering students, on analysis and design of control system in time and frequency domain and to familiarize the students with design and simulation tools available for design. The laboratory is equipped with required test and measuring equipment, design and simulation tools and benchmark systems to evaluate the control performance. The lab is equipped with following facilities and has well trained technical manpower to assist the requirement of the students.


  • Electrical and Electronic components
  • DSO with FFT analyzer
  • Function generators
  • Process control simulator
  • MATLAB real time workshop
  • dSPACE 1104 Controller Board
  • SMA actuators
  • Piezo sensing and actuation system
  • Inverted Pendulum
  • Gyroscope
  • Articulated robot arm with control system


List of Experiments:

1. Time response characteristics of a second order system.

2. Frequency response characteristics of a second order system.

3. Constant gain compensation in time and frequency domain.

4. Compensating Networks - Characteristics

5. Design of compensation networks - Lead, Lag, Lead-lag

6. Design of state feedback controller.

7. Observer design - full order and reduced order.

8. Real time control of AC/DC servo system

9. Real Time control of 2 DOF Helicopter control

10. Vibration control of beam with piezoelectric sensing & actuation

11. Real time control of 3DOF GYRO

12. Real time control of Inverted Pendulum