Dr. G.Saravana Ilango


Dr G Saravana Ilango



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  • B.E - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • M.E - Power Electronics and Drives
  • Ph.D - FACTS Controllers
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow at Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University.


  •   20 years

Research Publications 

Recent 10 publications:

  1. Sivaprasad Athikkal, Bharatiraja Chokkalingam, Saravana Ilango G, Brad Lehman and Telles Brunelli Lazzarin, “Performance Evaluation of a Dual-Input Hybrid Step-Up DC-DC Converter”, in IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, vol. 58, no. 3, pp. 3769-3782, May/June 2022, doi: 10.1109/TIA.2022.3152973.
  2. Bharatiraja C, Ramanathan G and Saravana Ilango G, “A Stand Alone Building Integrated PV Tied Bidirectional Capability Direct DC Electric Vehicle Charging System Through Z-Source Inverter Impedance Network Capacitors”, in ECS Transactions, vol. 107, no.1, 2022.
  3. Chandrasekar V, C. Nagamani and Saravana Ilango G, “A low ripple current rejection method to improve the lifetime of solar photovoltaic integrated GaN converter system, in in Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, a Taylor and Francis Publication, vol. 44, no. 2, pp. 3903-3923, May 2022, doi: 10.1080/15567036.2022.2070688.
  4. Chandrasekar V, C. Nagamani and Saravana Ilango G “A low-profile, high performance, GaN converter design for a portable SPV charger”, in Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, a Taylor and Francis Publication, Feb 2022, doi: 10.1080/15567036.2022.2036876.
  5. P. Rosayyan, S. Subramaniam and Saravana Ilango G, "Decentralized Emergency Service Vehicle Pre-Emption System Using RF Communication and GNSS-Based Geo-Fencing," in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol. 22, no. 12, pp. 7726-7735, Dec. 2021, doi: 10.1109/TITS.2020.3007671.
  6. B. Pradeep Kumar, M. Nitheesh kumar, M. Chakkarapani, Saravana Ilango G, C. Nagamani, " Estimation of PV Module Degradation Through Extraction of I-V Curve at Inverter Pre-Startup Condition," IET Renewable Power Generation, vol. 14, no.17, pp. 3479-3486, Feb 2021.
  7. B. P. Kumar, D. S. Pillai, N. Rajasekar, M. Chakkarapani and Saravana Ilango G, "Identification and Localization of Array Faults with Optimized Placement of Voltage Sensors in a PV System," in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 68, no. 7, pp. 5921-5931, July 2021, doi: 10.1109/TIE.2020.2998750.
  8. P. K. Boggarapu, C. Manickam, B. Lehman, Saravana Ilango G and N. Chilakapati, "Identification of Pre-existing/Undetected Line-to-Line Faults in PV Array Based on Preturn on/off Condition of the PV Inverter," in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 35, no. 11, pp. 11865-11878, Nov. 2020, doi: 10.1109/TPEL.2020.2987856.
  9. Maheswari, L., Sivakumaran, N., Balasubramanian, K.R. et al. A unique control strategy to improve the life cycle of the battery and to reduce the thermal runaway for electric vehicle applications. J Therm Anal Calorim 141, 2541–2553 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10973-020-09673-0
  10. Rajesh Kuttappan Achary, Chilakapati Nagamani, Saravana Ilango G, “Frequency-independent rotor position signal generation scheme without position sensors”, IET Electric Power Applications, 14(9), 1570-1576, 2020

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Areas of Interest

  • Power Electronics Controllers.
  • FACTS Controllers.
  • Photovoltaic System design.


  • Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Fellowship DST- Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF). (2017)
  • Young Faculty Research Fellowship from DEITY, Govt. of India (2017)
  • Young Scientist Award in Engineering Sciences Fast Track Project on “Design and Development of Shunt Active Filter,” DST, Govt. of India. (2009)

 Ph.D Guidance

  • Rajesh K, Ph.D. (graduated in July 2021), Thesis Title: “Certain Investigations for Improved Performance of a Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Drive”.
  • B. Pradeep Kumar, Ph.D. (graduated in December 2021), Thesis Title: “Investigation of Effective Schemes for Detecting Array Faults and Module Degradation in PV Systems”.
  • L. Maheswari -, Ph.D. (graduated in July 2021), Thesis Title: Investigation of Control Battery for Battery Life Improvement and Power Converters for Photovoltaic System
  • B. Bijukumar, PhD (graduated in August 2019), Thesis Title: “Investigation on module arrangement scheme and control strategies for thermoelectric generator fed power converters for enhanced power extraction”.
  • M. Chakkarapani, PhD (graduated in December 2017), Thesis Title: “Development of GMPPT algorithm with partial shading detection and fault identification scheme in PV system”.
  • Sarojini Mary. S, PhD (graduated in July 2017,) Thesis Title: “Investigation of static reconfiguration technique of modules and power electronic controller for solar photovoltaic system”
  • Venkata Ram Raju Rudraraju, PhD (graduated in May 2016), Thesis Title: “Certain control strategies for wind driven induction generators at low speed” 
  • P. Srinivasa Rao, PhD (graduated in July 2015), Thesis Title: “Investigation of module interconnection schemes and control strategies for photovoltaic system”
  • C. K. Aravind, PhD (graduated in June 2015), Thesis Title: “Investigation of control strategies for autonomous and non-autonomous operation of wind energy conversion system”
  • B. Indu Rani, PhD (graduated in March 2013), Thesis Title: “Investigation of control techniques for effective utilization of solar PV system”

Details of sponsored projects :

Applied Research:

  • Development of Shaft Motor System for Chainless Bicycles CEEYES Engineering Industries PVT LTD, Tiruchirappalli, 2021-23. 3 lakh
  • Mentored for dispersing Knowledge to 10 Technical Institutions to encourage best practices, 2018-22, 30 Lakhs, Margdarshan Scheme – AICTE
  • Intelligent Off-Grid System for Energy Sustainable Village, VIT (Sponsored by DST, Govt. of India), 2018-20, 7.08 lakh.
  • Electronification of Ground Water Control and Conveyor Systems in Mines (Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India , 2017-18, 179.53 lakh)
  • Dynamic Loading of Conveyor Drive Heads in Mines (NLC, Neyveli, 2015-17, 122.21 lakh)
  • Technical Assistance to Reduce the Energy Consumption for Vapour Compressor Refrigeration Chiller Plant at Machine Shop, Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project, Ministry of Defence, 2018-19, 2.47 lakh.
  • Electrical Performance Evaluation of TEG System in Boiler Flue Gas Duct (BHEL, Tiruchirappalli, 2017, 3.45 lakh)
  • Developed an industry-standard interleaved 250W DC-DC converter


Sponsored Research (Last Five Years):

  • Sustainable Energy Systems for Achieving Normal Carbon Neutral Energy Communities (SUSTENANCE), (DST, Govt. of India). 2021-23, 118.60 lakh.
  • Design of Controller for Buck Converter, ISRO-STIC Cell, 2020-21, 12.79 lakh.
  • Design and Development of WBG Device Based High Current Converters for Industry Applications, NaMPET Phase III, 2020-23, 83.76 lakh.
  • Development and Validation of Semi Centralized DC Microgrid Model for Indian Residential DC Home, SERB Government of India. 2020-23. 18.50 lakh.
  • Design and Development of Resilient Building Integrated Photovoltaic Grid Connected DC Fast Electric Vehicle Charging System for Indian Prospects, SERB, Govt. of India, 2019-22, 18.30 lakh.
  • Development of SiC Based Modular Multilevel Converter for Improving Power Quality in Grid Connected Solar PV System, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, 2018, 8.98 lakh.
  • Development of Modular Multilevel Converter for Enhancing Power Quality and PV Output Power under Partial Shading Conditions in Grid-Connected PV System (SERB, Govt. of India, 2017-20, 46.28 lakh)

Contributions to the Institute - Academic/Administration

  • Associate Dean(P&D) [0ct 2012 - Nov2015]
  • Warden [Jan 2010 - Dec 2012]
  • Member of Quality Assurance Committee for Estate Maintenance works [Mar 2007 - Oct 2010]
G.Saravana Ilango,
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Trichirapalli,
Tamil Nadu 620 015, India
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