Power Systems Lab

This Power Systems laboratory of NITT is one of the very few of its kind to be found, including such eminent colleges as IITs and NITs. This laboratory is unique for it has custom-made hardware equipment, quite offbeat to the software simulations lacking hands-on experience on the subject.This laboratory offers real-time experimentations with economic hardware equipment. The laboratory is partially funded by TEQIP Phase – II.


  • HVDC Transmission line simulator

  • Complete scheme for generation protection

  • Phase Shifter Unit

  • Short Transmission Line

  • Long Transmission Line

  • DC network analyzer

  • Current injection unit

  • µP based thyristor controlled compensator (TCSC)

  • µP based statics VAR compensator (SVC)

  • µP based numerical over current relay

  • µP based adaptive power factor controller

  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. M. Jaya Bharata Reddy, Professor.

    Faculty In-charge:  Dr. Ankur Singh Rana, Assistant Professor.

    Additional Faculty In-charges:  1. Dr. Aneesa Farhan M A, Assistant Professor.       2. Dr. Pushkar Prakash Arya, Assistant Professor.


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