2007 – 2008

  1. “ADCs & Advancements in semiconductor Industry” by Dr.Sundararajan Krishan, Cosmic Ciruits, Bangalore.

  2. “Experimentation in Science and Engineering- Facts and Pitfalls” by Dr. V Jagsdeesh Kumar, HOD,Electrical Engineering IIT-Madras, Chennai.

  3. “Social aspects of Entrepreneurship” by Mr. R K Mishra, Social Entrepreneur, Bangalore.

  4. “Renewable and Environmental friendly energy options for India” by Prof. M. Ravindran, IIT Madras, Chennai

  5. “A Family of Auxiliary Switch ZVS-PWM DC–DC Converters With Coupled Inductor” by Prof. V. Ramanarayanan, IISc, Bangalore

  6. ” A New Family of Soft Transition Converters” by Prof. V. Ramanarayanan, IISc, Bangalore

  7. “Unified model for ZVS DC-DC converters with active clamp” by Prof. V. Ramanarayanan, IISc, Bangalore

  8. ”Active Clamped ZVS DC to DC Converters for High Efficiency” by Prof. V. Ramanarayanan, IISc, Bangalore

  9. “Operation of TNPL and Co-generation” by Mr. R. N. Manickam, TNPL, Karur.

  10. ‘Power Quality Issues in Distributed Generations’, by Dr M.P.Selvan during the Workshop on Distributed Generation for Engineering college teachers 14th and 15th December 2007, EEE Dept. NIT Trichy

  11. ‘Distributed Generation’ by Dr M.P.Selvan during the AICTE-QIP sponsored short term course on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Sysetms for Engineering college teachers 28th January 2008 and 1st February 2008, EEE Dept. NIT Trichy

  12. “Modeling of Induction” by Prof.V.T. Ranganathan, IISc. Bangalore.

  13. “Field Oriented Control of AC Motor Drives” by Prof.V.T. Ranganathan, IISc. Bangalore.

  14. “Operating principles of doubly fed slip-ring induction machines” by Prof.V.T. Ranganathan, IISc. Bangalore.

  15. “Xilinx in Industrial automation (FPGAs on motor control / applications in power electronics)” by Mr. K.P.Jathin, CG – Core EI Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

  16. “Matrix Converter – 1” and “Matrix Converter – II and Power Quality / Operation of Inductor Alternators by Dr.G. Uma, Anna University, Chennai.

  17. “Power Converters – AC/DC, DC/AC & DC/DC & applications by Mr. Chellappan, Numeric Power Systems Ltd., Chennai.

  18. “Power Quality Concern While designing Power Converters” by Mr. Chellappan, Numeric Power Systems Ltd., Chennai. 

2006-2007 :

  1.  Infotainment-“Rationalism VS Superstition” by Mr. Sanal Edamaruku, President, Indian Rationalist Association, New Delhi.

  2. “Engineering Entrepreneurs” by Mr.R. Venkat Rajendran, Chairman and CEO, Billion ways Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore."
  3. Career in Technical Industry” by Mr.C. Srinivasan, Vice-President and Co-Founder, Cosmic Circuits, Bangalore.
  4. Infotainment-“Forensic Demonstration” by Experts from department of Police, Tamil Nadu.
  5. “Role of Engineers in Society” by Mr. Subramaniam Vincent, Editor and Co-Founder, India Together Magazine, Bangalore.
  6. An intensive course on “Wind Power Integration” by Dr. Rajiv Kumar Varma, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada

2005 – 2006 

  1. “ Power Quality and Solutions offered using active harmonic conditioners” by Mr. R. Chellapan, Managing Director , Numeric Power Systems Limited,Chennai.

  2. “ Interactively Designing Systems using Virtual Instrumentation” byMr. M. Satish , Academic Specialist, National Instruments, Bangalore.
  3. “ Engineers on a PLC curve” by Mr.R.V.S. Muralidhar , Industrial and Educational Consultant, Tiruchirappalli.
  4. “ Entrepreneurship and opportunities in India” by Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniam, CEO, Cosmic Circuits, Bangalore.

  5. “ Low Power Design and How to be a Star Engineer?” by Dr.Nagi Naganathan, Agere Systems, USA.

  6. “Turning great ideas into good money – a look into today’s ASIC product development flows” by Mr. Srinath Venkataraman, Manager for Physical Design, Texas Instruments, India.

2004 – 2005

  1. ANALOG CIRCUIT DESIGN – Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao, Professor, EE dept., IIT- Madras, Chennai. (12th July 16th July 2994)  
  2.  “SOI Ultra Power Perspectives by Prof. Amara Amara, Paris Institute of Technology, Paris, 12th October 2004.

  3. “CURRENTS 2005 – TAKING TECHNOLOGY TO THE COMMON MAN” A National level Technical Symposium was conducted on the 1st and 2nd March 2005.

  4. Challenges, Opportunities and trends in power engineering –Dr.R.Venkatesh, Deputy General Manager, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Aurangabad. (1st March – 2005).

  5. An Overview of Intelligent Transport Systems in Railways (ITS – R)-Dr.P.RajaGounden, Chief Signal and Telecom Engineer, South Central Railways, Secunderabad.(2nd March – 2005)

  6. Robust Multivariable Predictive Control Technology – Mr. Prabhu Edamadaka, Honeywell, Bangalore. (2nd March – 2005)

  7. Knowledge – The Way for India to lead from the front – Mr.S.Janakiraman, President and CEO, R & D Services, Mind tree Consulting, Bangalore.