Publications of 2006


  • G.Seetharaman, B.Venkataramani and G.Lakshminarayanan, “Design and FPGA implementation of self tuned wavepipelined filters”, IETE Journal of Research, New Delhi, Vol.52, No.4, pp281-286, July-August, 2006.
  • B. Malarkodi, B. Venkataramani and X.T. Pradeep “Performance evaluation of AODV protocol with black list table for prevention of Denial of service attacks in wireless Ad hoc networks” WSEAS Transcactions on Communications, Issue 1, Volume 5, pp 107-114, January 2006

International Conferences

  • Dr. S.Raghavan, “Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Microwave Filters”, 9th International Conference on Electromagnetics Interference and Compatability INCEMIC 2006 (23-24 Feb 2006) E.S.Gopi et al, "Brain computer Interface Analysis using Wavelet Transformations and Auto Regressive Coefficients", - ICECE , Bangladesh, December 21,2006(IEEE PUBLICATION).
  • J.William, P.Palanisamy and X.Susan Christina, “Design of Noise Cancellation in Hearing Aids using Adaptive Null Beamforming Technique” Proc. of IEEE international conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP 2006), Vol.2, pp.1046-1050, 7-9 Dec.2006,Hubli,Karnataka.
  • P.Palanisamy et al, “Performance Evaluation of Non-Uniform Sensor Spacing in a Linear Array Configuration for MUSIC Algorithm” Proc. of IEEE international conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP 2006) Vol.2, pp.1053-1057, 7-9 Dec.2006, Hubli, Karnataka.
  • P.Palanisamy and Bhaskar Narayanamurthy, “A New Two Dimensional DOA Estimation Algorithm based on CAM” Proc. of IEEE international conference on Signal and Image Processing (ICSIP 2006), Vol.2, pp.1058-1062, 7-9 Dec.2006, Hubli, Karnataka.
  • P.Muthu Chidambara Nathan and G.Rama Krishna Rao, "Soliton pulse Compression Using Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror” was selected for presentation at the international technical conference IASTED, Canada during July-2006.

National Conferences

  • Dr. S.Raghavan et al, “RFID for Libraries- Planar 2006”, Dec, 2006, University of Mizoram, Aizwal
  • A Technical paper on ‘Evolution of Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)’ ,D.Sriram Kumar, R.K.Jeyachitra ,All India seminar on ‘Challenges for Quality and Reliability (CQR 2006) at Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela during November 4-5, 2006. (proc pp 44).
  • A Technical paper on ‘Emerging Trends in Radio Over Fiber Technology(ROF) for Broadband wired/wireless access systems’ R.K. Jeyachitra, D.Sriram Kumar, National Conference in “Emerging trends in Communication Systems” at Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu during April 7-8 2006. (proc pp 1-5).
  • Dr. S.Raghavan et al, “Microwave Circuits-Design Concept”, Feb 2006 ICMARS Jodhpur.