Digital System Design (3 – 0 - 0) 3

Programmable logic devices (PLDs). Programmable gate arrays. Xilinx series FPGAs. Altera complex PLDs. Altera Flux 10K series CPLDs.

FPGA- based system design. FPGA fabrics. Combinational network delay. Power and energy optimization sequential machine design styles. Rules for clocking. Performance analysis.

Combinational circuit design: circuit families, static CMOS, ratioed circuits. Cascade voltage switch logic, Dynamic circuits. Pass transistor circuits, Differential circuits.

Sequencing static circuits. Circuit design of latches and flip-flops. Static sequencing element methodology. Sequencing dynamic circuits. Synchronizers.

Datapath and array subsystems : Addition / Subtraction , Comparators, counters, coding, multiplication and division. SRAM,DRAM,ROM, serial access memory, context-addressable memory.


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