List of Experiments:

1.   Generation of Multivariate Gaussian generated data with desired mean vector and the required co-

variance matrix.

2.   (A) Sub-band Discrete Fourier Transformation

(B) Non-Uniform Discrete Fourier Transformation

(C) Warped Discrete Fourier Transformation

3.   (A) Transmultiplexer

(B) Quadrature –mirror filter

4.   Design and Realization of the adaptive filter using LMS algorithm (solved using steepest-descent algorithm)

5.   Representation of the 2D image signal as the linear combinations of PCA (Eigen faces)

6.   Image compression using Discrete cosine transformation (DCT).

7.   Discrete Multitone Transmission (DMT)

8.   Orthogonal Frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)

9.   Multiple-input Multiple output (MIMO)

10. Speech recognition using Support Vector Machine (SVM)

11. Study of wireless-telecommunication using Wicomm-T, Wireless digital communication system SDR platform.