Broadband Wireless Technologies 3-0-0-3


  • To expose the students to understand mobile radio communication principles and to study the recent trends adopted in cellular systems and wireless standards.



Introduction to Wireless Communication. The Cellular concept, System design, Capacity improvement in cellular systems, Co channel interference reduction. Intelligent cell concept and applications. TechnicalChallenges.

Mobile  radio  propagation:  Reflection,  Diffraction.  Fading.  Multipath  Propagation.  Channel  modeling, Diversity Schemes and Combining Techniques.

Design parameters at the base station, Practical link budget design using path loss models. Smart antenna systems, Beamforming. MIMO Systems. RAKE receiver.

Multiuser Systems: CDMA- Principle, Network design, Link capacity, Power control, WCDMA-Network planning, MC-CDMA, OFDM, Cellular mobile communication beyond 3G.

GSM, IS-95, GPRS, UMTS, WLAN, WPAN, WMAN, Ultra Wideband communications, 4G and beyond 4G.

Text Books

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2.   A.Goldsmith, Wireless Communications, Cambridge University Press, 2005.


Reference Books

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Students are able to

CO1: discuss the cellular system design and technical challenges.

CO2: analyze the Mobile radio propagation, fading, diversity concepts and the channel modeling.

CO3: analyze the design parameters, link design, smart antenna, beam forming and MIMO systems.

              CO4: analyze Multiuser Systems, CDMA, WCDMA network planning and OFDM Concepts.

              CO5: summarize the principles and applications of wireless systems and standards