Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory (0 - 0 - 3 - 2)

List of Experiments

Intel 8086 (16-bit Microprocessor)

  1. Study experiment on various addressing mode of 8086
  2. a) Block move. b) Simple arithmetic operations
  3. a) Choosing smallest/largest number from array of binary numbers
    b) Sorting of an array of binary numbers
  4. a) Code conversion (eg. ASCII to Packed BCD form)
    b) Addition of an array of BCD numbers stored in packed form
  5. Identification and displaying the activated key using DOS and BIOS function calls.


Intel 8051 (8-bit Microcontroller)

  1. Detection of key closure (connected to a port line) by polling technique
  2. Delay generation using i) Nested loop and ii) Timers
  3. Counting of external event occurrence through port line
  4. LCD interfacing
  5. Generation of different waveforms using DAC (0808)