RF MEMS Circuit Design

Pre-Requisite : EC307 and EC405
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective : 

To impart knowledge on basics of  MEMS and their applications in RF circuit design.

Topics Covered :

Introduction to Micho machining Processes. RF MEMS relays and switches. Switch parameters. Actuation mechanisms. Bistable relays and micro actuators. Dynamics of switching operation.

MEMS inductors and capacitors. Micro machined inductor. Effect of inductor layout. Modeling and design issues of planar inductor. Gap-tuning and area-tuning capacitors. Dielectric tunable capacitors.

MEMS phase shifters. Types. Limitations. Switched delay lines. Fundamentals of RF MEMS Filters.

Micro machined transmission lines. Coplanar lines. Micro machined directional coupler and mixer.

Micro machined antennas. Micro strip antennas – design parameters. Micromachining to improve performance. Reconfigurable antennas.

Course Outcomes :

  • CO1: At the end of the course students should be able to analyze different MEMS technologies
  • CO2: They are also expected to be familiar with the micro machnied designs for the design of reconfigurable antennas.

Text Books:

  • Vijay K. Varadanetal, RF MEMS and their Applications, Wiley-India, 2011.

Reference Book:

  • H.J.D. Santos, RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications, Artech House, 2002.
  • G.M.Rebeiz, RF MEMS Theory, Design, and Technology, Wiley, 2003.